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  • Rajendra Joshi
This article provides you with many of the top manual testing interview questions/ software testing interview questions that you can use to boost your confidence before sitting down for that crucial interview. If you’re already involved in some aspects of software development, you should take a look anyway, with the ultimate goal of upskilling.
  • Binay Poudel
Game producers oversee the creation of a video game at all stages, from hiring team members to presenting the game to potential players. Being a game producer can be rewarding and enjoyable for anyone interested in all parts of this process, including creative direction and programming code. In this article, we discuss what game producer is, what they do, how to become one and their average salary
  • Bijay Poudel
Site reliability engineering (SRE) is an in-demand field that companies rely on to keep their infrastructure moving so their workflow can operate smoothly. Learn about your salary as a site reliability engineer, the skills needed, and the highest-paid locations to work.

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