Engineering Entrance Preparation (B.E./B.Arch.)

Course Description

The completion of a higher secondary education opens the door to a variety of job options. Among these, the pursuit of engineering and medicine is a top priority among science students. Due to restricted enrollment spaces and a large number of applicants, the fight for a spot in the institution of our choice will be fierce. BE entrance preparation (B.E./B.Arch.) program by Learnsic and Sikaune is a transition course between the NEB exam and the admission exam that will help you acquire a higher score on the entrance exam, allowing you to get a spot in top universities.

Our teaching methodology is developed by highly experienced teachers and IOE graduates, and it combines traditional question practice with a novel approach to solving them. Our teaching facility is equipped with modern smart boards, from which we will film and stream our classes via our website.

We understand that the IOE Pulchowk campus is a top priority for students. As a result, the course has been created accordingly. Additionally, instructors and top scorers from IOE Pulchowk will teach a lesson on our platform, where they will share test tips, methods, and topics.

While tricks are an extremely valuable tool, they do have limitations.

Since IOE has shifted to an online format for its entrance examination, there is a wide range of questions. As a result, conceptual comprehension is the only path ahead, as we will demonstrate in this platform. We approach teaching and learning in different ways. Check our preview course to see how we vary in our approach to education.

Course Duration: 8-10 weeks

Shift: Online

Test: Once a week

Course Requirement
  • +2 Science Students
  • Willingness to learn
Learning Outcome

Makeable to get the position in reputed engineering colleges of Nepal and help to get the scholarship.

In addition, courses will make it easier to study for bachelor's in engineering course.

Course Content
Electricity and Magnetic Field
  • Introduction to magnetic effect of current( biot-savart law)Preview0:20:21
  • Application of biot savart law.(circle,arc,st.line)Preview0:47:20
  • Application of biotsavart law(axis of circle)0:24:42
  • Application of biot savart law( helmholtz coil, solenoid)0:49:32
  • mcq numericals ( biot savart law)Preview0:23:10
  • Lorentz force explained0:44:29
  • Trajectory of charged particles in magnetic field0:28:10
  • Figured numerical: magnetic effect of current0:21:11
  • Numerical : Force on current carrying wire0:53:27
  • Faraday's law of induction0:12:58
  • Motional emf0:38:06
  • Inductors explained0:32:51
  • Ac explained0:28:14
  • Ac continued0:39:47
  • LCR circuit explained0:33:21
  • Electric chargePreview0:24:22
  • Gold least Electroscope & Electrostaire inducationPreview0:20:57
  • Motion of Electron in electric & magnetic Field0:37:27
  • Faraday's ICE pail experiment & Coulombs law0:27:11
  • Coulombs law NumericalPreview0:20:59
  • Coulombs Law Contd.0:53:33
  • Electric Field0:27:38
  • Electric Field Numerical0:24:40
  • Gauss Law Application0:39:38
  • Electric Field nums contd.0:32:19
  • Gauss Law Application Numerical0:34:55
  • Capacitors0:42:10
  • Capacitors contd.0:23:53
  • Capacitors Numerical0:39:44
  • Dielectric Layers in Capacitors0:40:03
  • Ohms Law0:39:09
  • Ohms Law contd.0:33:52
  • EMF and Terminal Voltage0:45:57
  • Kirchhoff's Law0:52:36
  • Heating Effect of Current0:41:07
  • Thermoelectricity0:40:13
  • Chemical Effect of Electricity0:39:24
  • Potentiometer0:27:44
  • Wheatstone Bridge0:35:15
Language of Chemistry & Physical Chemistry
  • Basic Concept of ChemistryPreview0:28:04
  • Valency & Radicals0:26:54
  • Empirical formula & Avogadro hypothesis0:33:05
  • Law of stoichiometry & Mics Question0:42:07
  • Equivalent Weight0:41:30
  • Integration( intro and types of mcqs explained)Preview0:24:24
  • Integration - (Type i ,ii,iii mcqs)Preview0:31:28
  • More on type i, ii, iii and type iv3Preview0:24:25
  • Type v vi vii0:47:51
  • Definite integral0:42:22
  • Definite integral property vi and other miscellaneous problem0:40:44
  • Miscellaneous (advanced)0:48:47
  • Miscellaneous and tricks for integration by parts0:29:14
  • Miscellaneous and tricks for integration by parts0:29:14
  • Application of integration0:47:19
  • Application of integration continued0:22:46
  • Problems on application of integration0:27:27
  • problems on application of integration0:35:32
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