Engineering Entrance Preparation (B.E./B.Arch.)

5.0(4)No. of Review
Duration: 8 days, 4:50:59
Learning Outcome

Make it possible to obtain a position at the Top engineering colleges in Nepal and aid in receiving a scholarship.

Periodically, tests for daily and weekly models are held.

Career counseling for the various engineering faculties

Courses will also make it simpler to study for engineering bachelor's courses.

The program is designed to meet the requirements of the following entrance exams:

  • IOE (Pulchowk Campus) TU.
  • Indian Embassy.
  • Kathmandu University.
  • Pokhara/Purbanchal Universities and other engineering colleges of Nepal and abroad.
Course Content
  • Dimensional Analysis-IPreview0:29:02
  • Quiz: Dimension Analysis - I
  • Dimensional Analysis-II0:17:15
  • Quiz : Dimension Analysis - II
  • Projectile MotionPreview0:36:04
  • Quiz: Projectile Motion
  • Vector & Scalar Theory0:23:46
  • Quiz: Vector and Scalar
  • Vector & Scalar Numerical0:39:28
  • Quiz: Vector and Scalar Numerical
  • Laws of motion Theory0:25:35
  • Quiz: Law of Motion
  • Laws of motion Numerical0:21:59
  • Quiz: Law of motion Numerical
  • Elasticity Theory0:30:12
  • Quiz: Elasticity Theory
  • Elasticity Numerical-I0:25:08
  • Elasticity Numericals-II0:22:23
  • Quiz: Elasticity Numerical
  • Friction Theory0:21:05
  • Friction Numerical0:21:05
  • Gravity Theory -I0:26:41
  • Gravity Theory -II0:37:24
  • Quiz: Gravity theory
  • Gravity Numerical-I0:25:30
  • Gravity Numerical -II0:15:26
  • SHM Theory-I0:23:05
  • SHM Theory-II0:28:15
  • SHM Numerical0:29:11
  • Rotational Dynamics Theory0:25:40
  • Rotational Dynamics Theory - II0:24:34
  • Rotational Dynamics Numerical - I0:32:35
  • Rotational Dynamics Numbericals - II0:25:42
  • Work Energy & Power- I0:26:37
  • Quiz: Work, Power and Energy
  • Work Energy & Power- II0:21:45
  • Quiz: Work, Power and Energy- II
  • Hydrostatics Theory-I0:23:29
  • Hydrostatics Theory-II0:18:59
  • Quiz: Hydrostatics
  • Hydrostatics Numerical-I0:27:35
  • Quiz: Hydrostatics Numerical
Course Description

Bachelor of Engineering B.E. is a four-year-long course that comprises eight semesters. A B.E. course mainly focuses on theoretical knowledge and also the engineering aspect of science.

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Course Requirement
  • The Course requirements differ between universities, but typically students are eligible for the entrance exam if they received at least 45%, or a "C" mark, in each subject of their 10+2 exam (with math on one or both papers) or 45% in their diploma in engineering, or a comparable program.
  • Willingness to learn
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