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The Secondary Education Examination is the final test for Nepal's secondary education system. This test, administered by the National Examination Board, is known as the SEE. In place of what was once known as the School Leaving Certificate, the National Examination Board adopted a new name (SLC).

According to the new Schooling Act, every student is required to sit for this test in order to graduate from the tenth grade of their education and move on to the next level of education, whether it be higher secondary or intermediate (12th grade). It has been reported that the SEE exam will take place in March each year. 

Learnsic's SEE Preparation sessions are intended to do more than just get students ready for their exams—they're meant to instil in them a lifelong love of learning and a firm grasp of the subjects at the course's heart. If you take this course, you should be able to improve your test score enough to attend one of the nation's best universities and major in the subject of your choice.

A team of expert educators devised our methodology, integrating modern media with more time-honoured learning methods through repeated questioning and practice. Courses will be broadcasted online from our high-tech digital studio.

Students who sign up for our courses receive weekly tests and Q&A sessions, as well as access to a recording of the live classes, notes, solved questions, and other study tools.

Duration: 3 months

Subjects: Science, O. Maths, C. Maths

Course Requirement

Currently studying in Class 10

Learning Outcome

Deep Understanding of the course

Better grades in SEE

Course Content
Compulsory Maths
Optional Maths
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