NEB Grade : 12 - Science

Learning Outcome
  • Identify the types of questions typically asked on NEB 12th exams.
  • Apply the concepts and skills covered in the course to answer questions.
  • Improve their time management skills.
Course Content
  • Electron - I0:45:08
  • Electron - II0:56:22
  • Electron - III0:53:44
Course Description

This NEB Grade 12 Science online course, designed by expert educators, provides a flexible and engaging exploration of core scientific concepts. Master essential physics, chemistry, and mathematics principles through i in-depth explanations, and r

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Course Requirement
  • Currently enrolled in NEB Grade 12 Science program.
  • Strong desire to learn and explore scientific concepts.
  • Commitment to active participation and practice.
  • Access to a computer with internet connection.
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