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Most colleges and institutions use the SAT as a college entrance exam to determine applicants' competence for work at the college level. 

Preparing for the SAT to get your best score is critical because it plays a significant role in college admissions. 

The SAT exam measures your proficiency in math, reading, and writing. An optional essay is also included.

The overall SAT exam, including the essay, takes 3 hours and 50 minutes to complete. Without the essay, it takes three hours.

Reading, Writing and Language, Math - No Calculator, and Math - Calculator, in that sequence, are the four areas that appear on every SAT exam. 

If the test includes experimental questions, you must add 20 minutes to your testing period.

Although the SAT can be taken as many times as you choose, most students take it two or three times. 

We advise taking a practice exam or the PSAT during your sophomore year. Make arrangements to take the official SAT in the junior year, winter or spring. 

If you are dissatisfied with your score, you still have time to prepare and retake the exam before the application deadlines. Your grades remain valid for five years.

The SAT's perfect score is 1600. The minimum score is 400. Getting a good score will depend on your objective and desired university. 

Although the official average can change yearly, 1060 is roughly average. A few colleges have super scores. This indicates that they create a "super" score by adding your highest Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing scores from various exam dates.

There is no need to spend hours studying flashcards for the SAT preparation. All terminology is assessed in context, and some formulas are offered here at Learnsic's SAT preparation classes. 

Refresh your core skills to be ready for the test. Throughout the test, charts and graphs will be used, so be sure you are familiar with them. 

Thinking about where to begin? We can offer a strategy to help you organize your studies and put effective techniques into practice.

Who should take this course?

The SAT's goal is to assess a high school student's level of college preparedness and to give institutions a single piece of comparable data with which they can compare all candidates. Therefore, you must enroll in this course to apply for higher education abroad.

Why study with us?

At Learnsic, we are committed to providing top-notch service and ensuring that the best teachers appropriately supervise our students. 

If you're looking for the top SAT preparation classes in Nepal, we can help. You can enroll in the best SAT preparation course in Nepal through us. To take action toward your desired goal, get in touch with us.

The following are some benefits of the SAT preparation Course at Learnsic:

  • Experienced mentors and qualified instructors: Our enthusiastic team of SAT preparation course instructors focuses their time on helping you get ready for the SAT exam.
  • Flexible schedules: Whether you're a working professional, a businessperson, or a college student, our flexible class schedules will enable you to interact with the tutors and conveniently complete your session.
  • Techno-friendly Sessions: Since we are taking classes online, we are fully aware of modern teaching and learning methods. Due to cutting-edge technology, you will benefit from the best online learning experience.
  • Regular practice exams and mock tests: We don't just focus on teacher feedback. Our team also places a significant priority on your successful outcome. You will therefore discover sufficient assessment tasks and mock exams to evaluate your progress, which experts will closely monitor.
  • A community Platform: Do you know that LearnSIC has developed an outstanding "Community Platform" tool? All students are welcome to participate in this section; they can discuss their problems and share ideas. Our professionals will promptly answer your questions to help you succeed on the SAT. This session which is regularly held at Learnsic is also called a Live Session.
Course Requirement

The College Board, which administers the SAT, has not established any requirements for applicants who intend to appear for the test. The SAT exam is taken for undergraduate entrance to colleges and universities abroad.

The official SAT administering agency has not established special eligibility requirements for the SAT exam.

Learning Outcome
  • Gain more conversational fluency and proficiency in English.
  • For the speaking test, become familiar with the vocabulary and essential phrases.
  • Understand SAT Reading key question strategies.
  • Assist in passing the SAT Exam and getting a high score.
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