Pre Medical Entrance Preparation- Class 11

Learning Outcome

The primary goal of pre-medical entrance preparation is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to excel in the demanding field of medicine. By the end of the preparation, aspiring medical students should:

  • Demonstrate a strong foundation in core science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills essential for diagnosing and treating medical conditions.
  • Gain an extensive understanding of the human body's anatomy, physiology, and various biological processes.
  • Exhibit effective time management and study strategies to handle the rigorous curriculum of medical school.
  • Helps students prepare for the CEE by covering the relevant materials tested
    on exam.
Course Content
  • Introduction: CEEPreview0:57:08
Course Description

Unlock the doors to a future in medicine with our transformative Pre Medical Entrance Preparation course. Designed thoroughly, this program empowers you to conquer the formidable Pre Medical entrance exam by blendin

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Course Requirement

To embark on the pre-medical entrance preparation journey in Nepal, aspiring students must meet certain requirements. A strong background in science subjects at the secondary education level is essential. Students should have a solid grasp of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics fundamentals.

Course Instructors
Arun Acharya

A Chemistry teacher with a Master's in Chemistry, Arun Acharya has a robust teaching career spanning institutions like Kathmandu World School, more

Subash Dangal

Subash Dangal, an Electronics & Communication engineer, is an esteemed Physics teacher. With 9 years of teaching experience, he has worked with more

Saurab Acharya

Holding an MBBS degree, Saurab Acharya is a proficient MAT teacher. He imparts knowledge at Learnsic and Neema Academy, having previously taught at more

Yogendra Kuinkel

Yogendra Kuinkel holds an M.Sc. in Chemistry and has extensive experience as a Chemistry teacher. Currently employed at NEPAL, NIMS, and Learnsic, he more

Arbind Jha

Arbind Jha, holding a Master's degree in Zoology, brings 24 years of teaching experience to his role as a Zoology teacher. He currently imparts more

Bharat kumar Sah

A Master's degree holder in Botany, Bharat Prasad Sah is a distinguished Botany teacher. He currently teaches at Prasadi Academy, Kantipur College of more

Lila bahadur Kunwar

Lila Bahadur Kunwar holds a Master's in Physics from the Central Department of Physics, TU, Kirtipur. Currently serving as the Program Director at more

Sujan Shrestha

Sujan Shrestha holds a Master's in Chemistry and is an experienced Chemistry teacher. He teaches at Everest Florida International College and more

Santosh Gaire

Santosh Gaire, a Master's degree holder in Chemistry, is a dedicated Chemistry teacher. He imparts knowledge at the Global School of Science, Moliss, more

Amrit Panthi

With a Master's degree in Physics, Amrit Panthi is a seasoned Physics teacher. He teaches at KMC (Bagbaazar) and Learnsic, having previously taught more

Dr. dhiraj Poudel

Dr. Dhiraj Poudel, an MBBS graduate from IOM, excels as a Zoology teacher. He's currently contributing his expertise at EDCD, Teku, and previously more

Arun kumar Sah

With a Master's degree in Zoology, Arun Kumar Sah is an esteemed Zoology teacher. He currently imparts knowledge at MIDAS, Prime College, and more

Bishnu prasad Panthi

Bishnu Prasad Panthi, a Master's degree holder in Chemistry, is a dedicated Chemistry lecturer. He currently teaches at KMC (Bagbazzar), Neema, and more

Pratichhya Shrestha

Pratichhya Shrestha, holding an M.Sc. in Zoology, is an esteemed Zoology teacher. She teaches at Kathmandu Model College, Bagbazar, and Learnsic, more

Raghab raj Giri

Raghab Raj Giri holds an M.Sc. in Botany and serves as a teacher. He teaches at KMC (Balkumari), Bhanubhakta, Padmodaya, and Learnsic, having more

Bivek kumar Sah

Bivek Kumar Sah, an MBBS degree holder, is a dedicated Zoology teacher at Learnsic. He previously taught at Midas Education, contributing 2 years of more

Suraj Aryal

An MBBS degree holder, Suraj Aryal is a Physics teacher at Learnsic. He is also an active physics instructor on the freelancing platform Upwork. more

Sabita Pyakurel

Sabita Pyakurel, an M.Sc. in Chemistry, is an inspiring Chemistry teacher at Learnsic. Her strong educational background equips her to educate more

Champa Adhikari

Champa Adhikari, with an M.Sc. in Botany, is a dedicated Botany teacher at Apex, Learnsic. Her extensive knowledge and commitment shine through her more

Anup Dahal

Anup Dahal, holding an M.Sc. in Chemistry, is a Chemistry teacher at Himalayan Whitehouse College, Learnsic. With previous teaching experience at more

Shiva prasad Bhattarai

Holding a Master's degree in Chemistry, Shiva Prasad Bhattarai is an accomplished Chemistry teacher. He currently teaches at Kathmandu World School more

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