PCL Nursing License Preparation

Course Description

Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nursing is among the most popular and demanding medical professional courses students choose after their Secondary Education Examination.

Recognised globally, PCL Nursing is one of the most widely adopted medical programs created to develop middle-level trained personnel to extend tasks and responsibilities for the patients' total welfare. 

Nursing has evolved like other professions, and nursing theory has been developed and used in the field. 

This course equips students with the theoretical information, practical skills, and values required to become qualified, dependable nurses who can offer promotional, preventative, curative, and rehabilitative treatments.

After completing the PCL Nursing Course, students must receive a Nursing License to begin their nursing career. 

The Nursing License exam is challenging, and many candidates fail it on their first attempt. 

So, to assist the students in passing their License exam, Learnsic has created an integrated and comprehensive online License exam preparation course where students can take classes run by experienced and highly qualified teachers.

Learnsic is an e-learning platform which offers a complete institutional e-learning environment and will assist students in their exam preparation. Students can communicate with the subject matter expert if they have questions about the lectures and notes. Peer group discussions on the topics will also be held.

The nursing license exam preparation course uses a unique teaching methodology that covers various topics. 

Our teaching methodology at Learnsic is established by highly qualified industry teachers who mix standard question practice with alternative approaches to answering them.

Why Study With Us?
  • This course will benefit students who are taking the PCL Nursing License exam. Students who complete this course will be more likely to succeed on their Nursing Licence Exam on the first attempt.
  • To be ready for the exams on time, all candidates for the nursing license exam must thoroughly review the course content. You will feel more confident in your areas of strength and be able to improvise in your potential areas of weakness with Learnsic.
  • The PCL Nursing License exam course curriculum at Learnsic will also help you to understand the exam pattern and structure, which will help you organise your preparation and choose the right study materials.
Who should take this Course?

All students who have recently passed their PCL Nursing are the intended audience for this course. As the Nursing profession advances, more people are taking these courses because it is the only method to study for and pass the Nursing License exam.

This Course Offers
  • Strategies and Techniques for every discussion.
  • Examples and demonstrations by the instructor for each section.
  • Explanations from the instructor for each response.
  • Repeat exams, exercises, and skills tests.
  • Mock test. 
  • Excellent study resources.
  • One live session per week.
  • Review and Feedback Session.
  • Topic-specific quizzes.
  • Operate recorded classes.
  • Team of industry experience faculties.


Course Requirement

Must have passed the 3-year PCL Nursing degree.

Learning Outcome
  • Helps to pass the Nursing Licence Exam on the first attempt
  • A thorough revision of the whole 3-year Nursing Course.
  • It will be easier for students to begin their careers in nursing as they will have a brief revision of their entire nursing course.
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