Flutter App Development

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Learning Outcome

New to the realm of Flutter and Dart? Don't worry. We've got you covered. This journey will guide you from asking, "What's a Widget?" to proudly proclaiming ", I've just crafted my inaugural app!"

Becoming a Proficient Flutter Developer: Whether you're taking your first steps in programming or transitioning from another language, we guide you on the right trajectory.

Elevate Your Skill Set: Enhance your skill set through optimal learning formats – explore videos, top-notch documentation, interactive code labs, and more.

Broaden Your Flutter Expertise: Acquire insights into Flutter, enhance your proficiencies, and stay up-to-date with the latest announcements and impactful alterations.

Course Content
  • Dart: Basic0:14:31
  • Print functions0:12:14
  • Data- Types0:07:57
  • Conditional Statement0:07:45
  • Ternary Operators0:05:42
  • Use Case of Ternary Operators0:04:55
  • Switch Statement0:13:17
  • Loops0:26:47
  • Writing a Function0:15:29
  • Parameters of Functions0:08:08
  • OOP Concept0:09:43
  • OOP Class0:15:03
  • Named Constructed0:06:29
  • Nullable Variable0:07:00
  • Getter Setter0:21:19
  • Inheritance Basic0:07:41
  • Inheritance Implementation0:04:19
  • Overriding0:09:31
  • Constructor in Inheritance0:03:54
  • Abstract0:08:53
Course Description

Acquire essential Dart Programming Language skills relevant to Flutter app Embark on a dynamic journey into the world of Flutter app development with our comprehensive and concise course. Discover the power of Flutt

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Course Requirement

Your familiarity with the following is quite necessary to start learning Flutter. If you have no idea about any of the below, it is better to grab those concepts first and then continue with the Flutter journey:

  • Knowledge of native Android development: that is, if you want to develop very fine and detailed applications 
  • OOPS Concepts: As languages like Java and C++ are based on OOPS concepts, it is important to be thorough with them. Here is a nice video that easily explains OOPS.
  • You should know Dart programming before learning Flutter, but that's easy too. Dart is Google's general-purpose programming language. lists some good courses to help you get on Dart quickly and easily.
  • Knowing C++/Java is an added advantage but not mandatory!
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