BSc. CSIT Entrance Preparation

5.0(1)No. of Review
Learning Outcome
  • Helps acquire high entrance exam scores.
  • Successfully pass the entrance exam.
  • The ability to secure a position at a reputable BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal and assistance in obtaining a scholarship.
  • The entrance course will also make it easy for further graduate studies.
Course Content
  • Limit Theory0:23:13
  • Quiz: Limit Theory
  • Limit: Type 1 and 2 tricks discussion0:25:46
  • Quiz: Type 1 and 2 tricks discussion
  • Limit: Miscellaneous problems discussion ( without Tricks)0:28:39
  • Quiz: Limit: Miscellaneous problems discussion(without tricks)
  • Continuity Theory0:49:56
  • Continuity Problem0:31:04
  • Quiz: Continuity Problem
  • Basic Derivative Theory - I0:40:17
  • Quiz: Basic Derivative Theory - 1
  • Derivative concept - II0:27:45
  • Quiz: Derivative concept-II
  • Derivatives tricks discussion0:40:25
  • Quiz: Derivative tricks discussion
  • Derivative Type_VI0:18:48
  • Quiz: Derivative Type_VI
  • Derivative Extra Question0:26:36
  • Quiz: Derivative Extra Questions
  • Miscellaneous problems on Derivatives0:40:26
  • Quiz: Miscellaneous problems on Derivatives
  • Tangent and Normal Theory0:19:35
  • Tangent and normal problems with tricks0:35:48
  • Quiz: Tangent and Normal problems with tricks
  • Rate measure0:20:05
  • Quiz: Rate measure
  • Maxima and Minima - I0:41:54
  • Quiz: Maxima and Minima-I
  • Maxima and minima concept - II0:29:26
  • Quiz: Maxima and minima-II
  • Maxima and minima problems discussion with tricks0:52:13
  • Quiz: Maxima and minima problems discussion with tricks
  • Application of Derivative Miscellaneous problem - I0:32:47
  • Quiz: Application of Derivative Miscellaneous problem-I
  • Maxima and minima miscallenous problem - II0:35:43
  • Integration : Introduction and Types of MCQsPreview0:24:24
  • Integration - (Type I, II and III)Preview0:31:28
  • Quiz: Integration -(Type I, II, III)
  • Integration: Type I, II, III and IVPreview0:24:25
  • Quiz: Integration: Type I, II, III, IV
  • Integration: Type V, VI, VII0:47:51
  • Quiz: Integration: Type V, VI, VII
  • Definite integral0:42:22
  • Quiz: Definite Integral
  • Definite Integral property VI and other Miscellaneous Problem0:40:44
  • Quiz: Definite Integral property VI and other Miscellaneous problem
  • Miscellaneous and tricks for integration by parts0:29:14
  • Miscellaneous Problems Continued0:23:21
  • Miscellaneous (advanced)0:48:47
  • Application of integration0:47:19
  • Problems on application of integration-I0:27:27
  • Problems on application of integration_II0:35:32
  • Application of integration continued0:22:46
  • Quiz: Problems on the application of integration II
Course Description

Tribhuvan University's four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT) program is designed to give students a solid understanding of computer science and IT.


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Course Requirement
  • The candidate must have completed twelve years of academic study in the science stream or an institution's equivalent to being considered.
  • Candidates must have received at least a C in each subject.
  • Willingness to learn.
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