BSc. CSIT Entrance Preparation

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Tribhuvan University's four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT) program is designed to give students a solid understanding of computer science and IT.

Students who complete the B.Sc. CSIT program will have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to actively contribute to the resolution of challenging IT industry problems.

Higher secondary schooling completion opens the door to a range of further graduation education prospects. Among these, pursuing a BSc. CSIT is preferred by students studying sciences. The competition for a position in the institution of our choice will be intense due to the limited enrollment spaces and the high number of applicants. 

The BSc. CSIT Entrance Preparation curriculum serves as a bridge between the NEB exam and the admissions exam. It will help you improve your entrance exam score, increasing your chances of admission to prestigious colleges.

It is well known that students place a high priority on attending reputable BSc. CSIT college in Nepal. The course has been designed following this as a result. 

The Institution of Science and Technology takes the BSc. CSIT entrance exam. The entrance exam is typically taken in Shrawan, and admissions begin in the month of Kartik.

The course duration is about 8-10 weeks. The test is conducted weekly.

Students who enroll in this course will access live, interactive video lectures, live online courses, and top-notch study materials. The best opportunities for students to improve their knowledge are further provided by doubt-clearing sessions, tests, and mock exams. Our teaching strategy is created by highly skilled industry instructors who combine traditional question practice with different methods of answering them.

The focus of this course is on question-solving methods and techniques that are driven by industry. These BSc. CSIT entrance coursework is developed to find deserving students who satisfy the quantifiable requirements of prestigious universities.

This Course Offers
  • Faculty with extensive teaching experience.
  • The instructor provides examples and demonstrations for each section.
  • The instructor's justifications for each response.
  • Revision & Mock Tests.
  • Weekly live session.
  • Review and Feedback Session.
  • Topic-specific quizzes.
  • Interactive live sessions.
Course Requirement
  • The candidate must have completed twelve years of academic study in the science stream or an institution's equivalent to being considered.
  • Candidates must have received at least a C in each subject.
  • Willingness to learn.
Learning Outcome
  • Helps acquire high entrance exam scores.
  • Successfully pass the entrance exam.
  • The ability to secure a position at a reputable BSc. CSIT colleges in Nepal and assistance in obtaining a scholarship.
  • The entrance course will also make it easy for further graduate studies.
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