BCA / BIT Entrance Preparation

Learning Outcome

Preparing for the BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) / BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology) entrance exam can benefit you and help you achieve your academic goals. 

Here are some of the learning outcomes you can expect from BCA / BIT entrance preparation:

  • Obtain High Entrance Exam Scores
  • Successfully Pass the Entrance Exam
  • Secure a Position at a Reputable BCA / BIT College
  • Assistance in Obtaining Scholarships
  • Smooth Transition to Graduate Studies such as MCA (Master of Computer Applications) or MSc in IT (Master of Science in Information Technology).
Course Content
Quantitative Analysis
  • Introduction: KUUMATPreview0:53:01
Course Description

The four-year BCA/BIT course at Tribhuvan University is intended to give students a thorough understanding of computer applications and information technology. 


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Course Requirement
  • Academic Qualification: Candidates should have completed twelve years of academic study in the science stream or its equivalent from a recognised institution.
  • Minimum Grade Requirement: Candidates must have obtained a minimum C in each subject of their previous academic study.
  • Eagerness to Learn: Candidates should demonstrate a strong willingness to learn and actively engage in the course material.
Course Instructors
Saroj Pandeya

Mr Saroj Pandeya is a dedicated professional committed to education and research. Currently pursuing an MSc. Over the last five years, he has brought more

Arun Acharya

A Chemistry teacher with a Master's in Chemistry, Arun Acharya has a robust teaching career spanning institutions like Kathmandu World School, more

Shiva Bhattarai

Holding a Master's degree in Chemistry, Shiva Prasad Bhattarai is an accomplished Chemistry teacher. He currently teaches at Kathmandu World School more

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