BALLB Entrance Preparation

Course Description

B.A.LL.B (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws) is a five-year program designed to provide law students with a broad theoretical and applied understanding of indigenous and international judicial systems, as well as lawyering skills and inquiry, to equip them for possible issues.

There was a time when law courses were not very popular, and there were not enough schools to provide law education. However, the situation has changed; students now have to appear in law entrance exams, and only qualified students get admission to the nation's top law schools.

This course is concentrated on industry-driven techniques and procedures to solve the questions. 

At the end of the course, the student will be equipped with communication skills, reading, analytical and judgment, logical thinking, and creativity are all desirable skills in the profession.

This BALLB entrance course aims to give students the skills and knowledge they need to pass the entrance exam and do so with assurance. The learning platform will provide students with plenty of practice sessions to ensure they fully grasp how to manage their time efficiently.

Legislative principles, theories of criminal and judicial laws, and basic legal concepts are all covered in this course. The goal of the course is for students to gain adequate analytical and critical thinking skills.

The law entrance preparation course has a specific testing format that covers various topics. Each of these subjects requires individualized attention from the applicants. It's crucial to have an all-encompassing learning environment for the candidates to receive high marks. A comprehensive and inclusive learning environment is essential for the candidates to receive high marks.

Our teaching strategy is created by highly skilled industry instructors who combine traditional question practice with different methods of answering them.

B.A.LL.B Entrance Exam Structure

Nature of Questions

Marks Allocated




Objective Questions

30*1 = 30

30 min



Subjective Questions

Long Answer 

Short Answer

1*20 = 20

3*10 = 30

2hr 30 min

Knowledge of Law


Creative Writing (Approx 300 words)


English Language Test

Why study with us?

The students taking any type of law entrance exam will benefit significantly from this course. By completing this, students will have a significant advantage in passing law entrance exams.

All law candidates must carefully review the course material to prepare for the exams on time. Once you are familiar with the course content, you will be more assured in your areas of strength and can improvise in your areas of potential weakness. 

Additionally, the law entrance syllabus will acquaint you with the questions and marks, ultimately assisting you in planning your preparation with the appropriate study materials.

Who should take this course?

  • The target audience for this course is every student currently passed their higher secondary education. Since this is the only way to enroll in the best Law Schools, the number of people taking these exams each year is growing as the legal profession develops.

This Course Offers:

  • Strategies and Techniques for every discussion.
  • Examples and demonstrations by the instructor for each section.
  • Explanations from the instructor for each response.
  • Repeat exams, exercises, and skills tests.
  • Mock test. 
  • Provide more excellent study resources.
  • One live session per week.
  • Review and Feedback Session.
  • Topic-specific quizzes.
  • Operate recorded classes.
  • Team of industry experience faculties.

The course is valid for up to 6 months.

Course Requirement

Completed 12 grade or an institution's equivalent to being considered.

Learning Outcome
  • Helps acquire high Law entrance exam scores.
  • Complete the introductory law practice course.
  • Students will pick up on general contract law principles quickly and simply.
  • Successfully pass the entrance exam.
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