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Aruna Gyawali

About me

Aruna Gyawali is a dedicated health professional with 15+ years of experience in Nepal's healthcare sector. Holding a Master's in Public Health and a Master's in Humanities and Social Sciences, she specialises in Health Education, Food, and Nutrition. Aruna's journey includes Nursing Staff, Nursing Instructor, and Public Health Consultant roles, demonstrating her commitment to patient care, education, and technology-driven healthcare solutions. She has contributed significantly to research investigating complementary feeding practices and hypertension prevalence. Aruna's affiliations include the Nepal Health Professional Council, the Nepal Nursing Council, the Nursing Association of Nepal, and the Nepal Dietitian Association. Her diverse skills, dedication to education, and impactful contributions make her an essential figure in health and wellness.

Master in Humanities and Social sciences (2019-2021)

Master’s in Public Health (2021-2023)

Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (2011-2015)

Diploma in Community Welfare (2006-2010)

Proficiency certificate level Nursing (2002-2005)

Public Health Consultant (2021-2023)

Health Concern, Nepal

Preparation of research tools to study “Feasibility study on rehabilitative trauma care center for Federation of Truck and Transport Entrepreneurs Nepal (FTTEN)” and Feasibility study on paperless Electronic Medical Records (EMR) at Bir Hospital and trauma Center Conducted data collection Analysis of data and sharing of findings with key stakeholders Continue evidence-based advocacy on implementation of EMR with the Ministry of Health and Population on digitalization of health Third Party administration for FTTEN

Lecturer/ Coordinator (2019-2021)

Modern Technical college

Course coordinator - coordination with teachers for smooth classes and monitor the progress of course. Organize workshops and seminars for students with experts . Coordinate with Federal, Province and Local Governments for the placement of students in internship and field learnings. Conduct assessment and examination of the students as per the regulation of Pokhara University.

Nursing Instructor (2016-2019)

Bir Hospital Nursing Campus

Creating lesson plans that accomplish predefined learning goals Teaching classroom-based courses through lectures and discussions. Demonstrating techniques and best practices for students. Overseeing clinical practice components of nurse education and training programs. Grading papers, assignments and exams. Helping to develop curriculum for nurse training programs in cooperation with other faculty or directors of nursing. Documenting student attendance, participation and performance and co-ordination meeting with hospital departments along with community as well. Staying up-to-date on the latest advances in medicine and changes to best practice standards for patient care.

Nursing Staff (2010-2011)

Chitwan Medical College , Chitwan

Patient centered care, ensure patient satisfaction for nursing care , ensure QOC in the department , work in medical team intra department and inter-department, regularly monitor the service quality in unit and share the progress with Nursing in-charge, case study and case presentation for continuation of nursing education, critical thinking and clinical judgment to best meet patients’ biological, physical, and behavioral needs