Pre Engineering Entrance Preparation-Class 12

Learning Outcome

Gain admission to a reputable engineering program in Nepal and potentially receive scholarship support.
Deepen your understanding of science subjects, which will also boost your performance in Grade 12.

Course Content
  • Basic Concept of ChemistryPreview0:28:04
  • Quiz: Basic Concept of Chemistry
  • Empirical formula & Avogadro hypothesis0:33:05
  • Quiz: Empirical Formula and Avogadro’s Hypothesis
  • Valency & Radicals0:26:54
  • Quiz: Valency and Radicals
  • Law of stoichiometry & Mics Question0:42:07
  • Quiz: Law of Stoichiometry
  • Equivalent Weight0:41:30
  • Quiz: Equivalent Weight
Course Description

To master the fundamental principles of subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, and to establish a solid academic foundation for excelling in the Grade 12 syllabus:
Develop a strong groundwork in core science subjects.

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Course Requirement
  • An eagerness and openness to acquire new knowledge is essential.
  • Claa 12 students (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry majors) who are interested in pursuing a career in engineering.
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