Top Career Options for the Colorblind

Colorblind people follow the same job path they've always wanted, unaffected by their vision impairment. Others opt for careers that don't require precise color vision. 

Colorblind people can work as bank tellers, childcare assistants, dispatchers, social workers, receptionists, and travel agents. A salary of over $40,000 and a growth outlook of at least 11%, or as fast as the average of all occupations, are available in promising careers for colorblind people between 2012 and 2022.

Colour blindness might make it difficult for some persons to get a driver's license. To obtain a permit, one must pass a computer test in which each candidate must complete 10 Ishihara colour plates before moving on to the next round of questions. 

It's frequently impossible for colorblind folks to correctly answer all ten questions on this test. They must therefore find a different solution because they will require a doctor's okay to pass the computer test. 

Because most people could easily give the tests on their first try, this process might be complicated.

People who are colorblind frequently struggle with seemingly basic tasks that a non-colorblind person wouldn't even consider challenging. 

For instance, people who are color blind find it challenging to determine when the meat is done cooking or still requires additional time. Although selecting ripe fruits might seem simple, color-blind people find it difficult.

There are restrictions on the kind of jobs that heavily rely on color perception for those who are color-blind. Careers like pilots, police officers, firefighters, doctors, and electrical engineers are included but not limited to this. Before they pursue their ideal jobs, most would not be aware that they are colorblind.

On the plus side, there are lots of occupations that prioritize skill sets over color vision. Students are brimming with complex abilities and transferable talents that might be a huge benefit for them to pursue occupations in the following suggested fields, even though they cannot distinguish between colors.

The Colour Blind Awareness Association estimates that around 300 million individuals worldwide are color-blind. The illness is not as restricted.

 At the same time, it is far more widespread than people assume. People have many employment alternatives, including CEOs, travel agents, and actresses! 

This article provides information on some of the top career options for colorblind people.


A lawyer is a professional who offers legal advice to clients who are individuals, corporations, or governmental organizations. 

A lawyer's duties include creating simple paperwork, researching, giving advice, and arguing cases in court. A lawyer is employed in the business or private sectors. Lawyers need to be excellent negotiators, investigators, and decision-makers. 

The ability to discern between colors is not a requirement of the work, making it a good career choice for colorblind people.

Nutritionist and Dietician

Another excellent professional choice for someone with color blindness is a nutritionist. A nutritionist's and dietician's typical duties involve counseling customers on leading healthy lifestyles, achieving their healthcare objectives, and creating detailed paperwork supporting such recommendations. 

They typically work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. It is essential to have solid and practical communication skills for this work because it involves a lot of verbal interaction.

Author, writer, and copywriter

For those who are color-blind, becoming a copywriter or content writer is an excellent career choice because it doesn't require color vision but creativity and writing abilities. 

A copywriter's duties include writing in plain prose for advertising, promoting and selling products and services, and attracting interested audiences. 

In contrast, a content writer is in charge of composing blog posts for the website, copying for websites, and locating relevant and trustworthy sources to use in the material. 

Typically, content writers work for marketing and advertising firms. A professional writer who creates original stories for novels, plays, television screenplays, and films is known as an author.


Journalists work for print media, including websites, radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. 

A journalist is responsible for compiling the material required, producing news stories, and effectively communicating the news. You must be an excellent writer, editor, and researcher to succeed as a journalist.


The occupation of an accountant is a fantastic choice for someone who is color-blind because it does not require color vision but exceptional mathematical and analytical abilities. An accountant's regular duties include creating and analyzing financial reports for a specific business.

Agent for Insurance Sales

Insurance sales agents, who typically work with computerized papers or black-and-white forms, are another excellent career choice for people who are color-blind. 

They are responsible for scheduling and meeting with potential clients and selling various types of insurance. An insurance sales agent needs to be highly analytical and proficient in communication.

Civil Engineering

Strong color vision is necessary for some engineering positions, such as those held by electrical engineers who deal primarily with multicolored wiring. 

However, because they work with black-and-white printed blueprints and sketches, engineering careers like civil engineering do not primarily require color vision. 

To pursue a career as a civil engineer, students will need a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a love of mathematics.

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