Provisional Degree Certificate

A university will issue a provisional degree certificate before a permanent degree is issued and awarded during convocation. The certificate is typically good for around six months or until the student earns a degree. There isn't a specific time limit on it. 

After the institute confers the degree, the Provisional Certificate will no longer be recognized. The certificate serves as proof that the degree has not yet been awarded and is generally given as a temporary replacement for the diploma.

Based on their original certificates, students who qualified for the university or board examination were given provisional certificates, which attest to completing the education required by the certificate. 

A provisional degree certificate is issued until the actual certificate is received. Several institutions distribute the original certificates following a conference. Businesses or organizations also consider the provisional degree certificate when hiring people for positions.

Institutions will accept this credential if a student wants to continue their study. The provisional certificate expires when the relevant college or institution awards the initial degree. 

]It is still active today. It contains the name of the student and the course they took. It is frequently utilized when applying for jobs or further education.

It's only temporary. The provisional degree contains details about the student, the course from which they graduated, the division they attained while earning the degree, and other things.

Importance and Use of Provisional Degree Certificate

These are some important uses of a provisional certificate:

  • It is used to confirm that the degree has not yet been awarded or to affirm that it has not been.
  • This certification is helpful for understudies who want to continue their education or look for work because it shows that they have fundamental skills.
  • It proves that the student has finished the coursework for that particular college.
  • The provisional degree contains information on the student, such as their name, the course from which they graduated, the grade they received while finishing the degree, and so forth.
  • This should be guaranteed, though, as soon as one has been employed for more than two years.
  • Please remember that the certifications are only valid for a limited time.
  • One will have graduated even if they display this certificate, though.
  • Even while credentials are essential, the standard of education should come first.
  • Certificates only aim to attest to a talent you already have.

Application for Provisional Degree Certificate

A letter addressed to the institution's leader is an application for the provisional certificate. Since the degree certificate hasn't yet been granted, a student who wishes to pursue further education or find employment is given a brief letter. The student or the parents must send the department head a letter requesting a provisional letter to receive one.

The recipient's address, the date, the sender's address, the salutation, the body of the letter explaining why you are requesting a provisional certificate, the complimentary closing, your signature, and your name in capital letters should all be included in a letter requesting a provisional certificate. Make sure to include your department, identity number, and roll number.

Provisional Certificate Application Sample


The Director,

[Name of the College],

[Address of the College],


Subject: Provisional certificate request letter.

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is stated that I am ______ [Mention Your Name] I have completed my _________ [Mention your degree/course name] degree/course this year from this prestigious college.

I would be very grateful if you would issue me a provisional certificate. I need this certificate because I need to apply for a new job—[Here, you can mention your exact reason].

You are requested to please issue me my Provisional certificate; I will always be grateful if you can provide it to me.

Thank you.

Yours Obediently,

[Your Name],

[Your signature],

[Your Address],

[Mobile No/Email ID].

How to get Provisional Degree Certificate

To request a provisional degree certificate, you must contact your academic institution. The certificate method may vary from university to university; some may give you the interim in a few days, while others may require more time. 

However, colleges often award the certificate in three months and the degree in a year or two.

The institution will ask you for a provisional certificate to show that you have finished a certain degree if you want to pursue higher education or seek a job. In this situation, you must contact your university's administration office and apply for a provisional document. 

Depending on the school, you will receive this certificate within a week to a month.

Is Provisional Degree Certificate Valid for a student Visa?

The document is legitimate for a student visa. To apply for a visa, candidates must provide several copies, and specific applications may ask you to provide a certificate. 

Foreign universities and nations let students submit provisional documents when applying for a program and a student visa, understanding that candidates will later present the original documents to the sponsoring university. These are a few academic records required while applying to a college. 

However, you may utilize the temporary certificate to apply if your degree has not yet been awarded. Any reason that calls for the submission of a degree copy may use it.

Is Provisional Degree Certificates and Degree Certificates the Same?

No, the provisional degree certificate differs from a certificate conferring a degree. In terms of its duration, application method, and delivery manner. A degree certificate differs from a provisional certificate in the following ways:

  • A provisional certificate is only valid temporarily. It remains in effect for six months or until convocation. For the issuance of a temporary certificate, an application must be submitted.
  • A degree certificate is permanent. The university gives it out during a conference or on a designated day. There are no requirements for a certificate's validity.

New graduates strongly desire to achieve all of their goals and realize their professional dreams. To enable recruiters or the admissions panel to assess your strengths, flaws, and academic achievement, you must highlight your past qualifications, whether you want to join that large corporation in your chosen role or enroll in your dream university. 

A provisional certificate is necessary when you provide proof of education completion to an admissions board or for a job profile, even though your degree is one of the first documents needed to advance in your profession.

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