Nursing Licence Class

One of the most popular and challenging medical professional degrees students pick after their Secondary Education Exam is Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) nursing.

One of the most frequently used medical programs designed to establish middle-level trained employees to extend tasks and obligations for the patients' overall welfare is PCL Nursing, which is acknowledged on a global scale.

Like other professions, nursing has developed, and nursing theory has been created and applied.

Students who complete this course will be prepared to work as trained, trustworthy nurses who can provide promotional, preventative, curative, and rehabilitative treatments by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values.

Students must obtain a nursing licence to start their nursing careers after completing the PCL Nursing Course.

Many candidates fail the Nursing Licensure exam on their first try because it is difficult.

Therefore, the Nursing License class is an integrated and complete License exam preparation course where students can take lessons taught by experienced and highly qualified lecturers to help them pass their Licence exam.

The nursing licence exam preparation course employs a distinctive teaching approach and covers a range of subjects.

The Nursing License course combines practice with alternate methods of answering common questions.

Benefits of Nursing License Class

  • Students taking the PCL Nursing License exam will benefit from this course. Students who complete this course will have a higher chance of passing the nursing licensure exam the first time around.
  • All candidates for the nursing licensure exam must thoroughly review the course material to be prepared for the exams on time. You'll have more self-assurance in your strong points and the flexibility to improvise in your potential weak points.
  • You may organise your preparation and make the best study choices by understanding the exam structure and pattern with the aid of the PCL Nursing License exam course curriculum.

Who should enrol in the Nursing License Class?

The target audience for this course is all students who recently passed their PCL Nursing. Because these courses are the only way to prepare for and pass the Nursing Licensure exam, more people are enrolling in them as the nursing profession develops.

This Course Offers

  • Techniques & Strategies for every discussion
  • The instructor provides examples and demos for each lesson.
  • The instructor's justifications for each response.
  • Retake tests, exercises, and skills evaluations.
  • Mock exam.
  • Excellent sources for research.
  • Weekly live session once.
  • A session for Review and Feedback.
  • Quizzes on particular subjects.
  • Use recorded lessons.
  • Faculty with extensive industry expertise.

Eligibility Criteria

Must have passed the 3-year PCL Nursing degree.

Preparation Classes for Nursing License Exam in Kathmandu

Institutions that offer NLEN preparatory classes are few. These are the two institutions in Kathmandu that now offer NLEN introductory courses.


This institute, founded in 2062 B.S., is highly well-liked by students who plan to take nursing license exams.

Address: Bagbazar

Phone: 01 4219278



MCC is founded to assist students who desire to pursue medical and paramedical fields. Additionally, it has offered classes to individuals who want to take the exam for a nursing licence.

Address: MPA Building, Adwait Marg

Phone: 9841-589473, 9851-131475


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