Most Expensive Degrees in the World

As Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg have demonstrated, you don't need a college degree to succeed in life. Their recipe for success is encouraging and inspirational, but it might not work for everyone. 

In our dog-eat-dog environment, it still seems like getting an education is the best way to get ahead. 

Although some colleges offer financial aid, scholarships, and bursaries to help students with the cost of higher education, it can be expensive. Find out which degrees are the most costly worldwide as tuition costs rise yearly!

4 Most Expensive Degrees in the World

Doctor of Medicine

Everyone knows that admittance to medical school is contingent upon receiving all As and the highest grades possible. However, the cost of earning a degree in this subject is significantly increased by the time spent in college. Only a tiny portion of people have the financial means to cover the bills in full. They rely on college loans instead.

Additionally, it could take ten years or longer to repay medical school debt.

On the other hand, after finishing their training, doctors might earn an excellent livelihood. However, you will need to take more courses to stay current with new research throughout your working life.

Here is a list of the most expensive Medicine Colleges in the World with tuition fees details:

University Name

Tuition And Fees 

Midwestern University

$71,833 [INR 53 lakhs]

Columbia University

$71,107 [INR 53 lakhs]

Brown University

$70,425 [INR 52 lakhs]

Case Western Reserve University

$70,339 [INR 52 lakhs]

Northwestern University

$70,254 [INR 52 lakhs]

Dartmouth College

$69,768 [INR 51 lakhs]

Art Courses

Art colleges are astronomically expensive. Let's be honest about that. The cost of a college education has been steadily rising for years, with the average cost of an in-state public education in most states nearing or above $11,000 per year. It is unknown how the recent transition to online learning will alter this trend. A list of the priciest art schools in the world is provided below:


Tuitions Fees

Columbia University

$45,290 [INR 33 lakhs]

Sarah Lawrence College

$45,212 [INR 33 lakhs]

Vassar College

$44,705 [INR 32 lakhs]

George Washington University

$44,148 [INR 32 lakhs]

Trinity College

$44,070 [INR 32 lakhs]

Carnegie Mellon University

$44,010  [INR 32 lakhs]

Connecticut College

$43,990  [INR 33 lakhs]

Wesleyan University

$43,974  [INR 33 lakhs]

Bucknell University

$43,866  [INR 33 lakhs]

Bard College at Simon’s Rock

$43,840  [INR 33 lakhs]

MBA Courses

One of the most expensive programs to enroll in globally is the MBA.

Aspirants must pay a significant fee to complete the two-year program. Even before being accepted into a business school, a candidate studies for the admission exams. As a result, the course is quite expensive in addition to the B School tuition charges. Given these costs, it is advised that candidates consider the prospective investment before opting to enroll in an MBA school, which includes initial costs, tuition prices, possibilities, badges, value, alumni network, and job options.

Here are a list of the most expensive MBA Colleges in the World with tuition fees details:


Tuition Fees

George Washington University School of Business 

104,895  [INR 77 lakhs] 

Marshall School of Business

99,419 [INR 73 lakhs] 

Kogod School of Business

84,432 [INR 62 lakhs] 

Martin J. Whitman School of Management

84,186 [INR 62 lakhs]

Kelley School of Business 

74,520 [INR 57 lakhs]

Frank G. Zarb School of Business

64,350 [INR 47 lakhs]

University of Florida Warrington College of Business

59,807.52 [INR 44 lakhs] 

IE Business School

56,080 [INR 40 lakhs] 

Eller College of Management

51,525 [INR 38 lakhs]

Baylor University

51,264 [INR 38 lakhs]

Law Courses

Unquestionably, a law degree is among the most expensive in the entire globe. The fact that the law colleges offer courses taught by some of the best academics and that the program also offers internship opportunities, which aid students in broadening their views, remains the primary factor. The best law schools that provide courses and demand steep fees are listed here. Even if a student receives a sizable discount, the cost of law school may be prohibitive, especially if student loans are necessary.

Here is a list of the most expensive Law Colleges in the World with tuition fees details:


Tuition Fees

Columbia University

$74,995 [INR 57 lakhs]

New York University

$71,304  [INR 51 lakhs]

Cornell University

$70,274  [INR 51 lakhs]

University of Chicago

$69,975  [INR 50 lakhs]

University of Southern California

$68,828  [INR 50 lakhs]

Northwestern Universit

$68,800  [INR 50 lakhs]

University of Virginia

$68,500  [INR 50 lakhs]

University of Pennsylvania

$68,130  [INR 50 lakhs]

Yale University

$68,117  [INR 50 lakhs]

University of Michigan

$67,198  [INR 49 lakhs]

While there are many ways to pay for your education, higher education can be expensive worldwide. International students have a variety of alternatives for financing their education and following their dream vocations, from education loans to grants. Although these tuition costs can be expensive, students can apply for several scholarships depending on their merit, financial need, and unique circumstances.

Education loans are among the most popular ways to pay for higher education. Each year, millions of students apply for these loans, which help them pay for their education and enable them to repay them once they can support themselves financially. Applying for part-time jobs while enrolled in a foreign institution is another way to pay for one's education. Many nations, like the USA, UK, and Canada, let international students work full-time during the off-season and part-time during the academic year. Even if part-time work is insufficient to pay for all costs, it is still a great way to obtain expertise, network, and some extra cash.

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