Love to Talk? Here are the Top Careers Involving Public Speaking

According to American humorist Evan Esar, "Public speaking is an art of diluting a two-minute notion with a two-hour vocabulary," which makes us realize that it requires significant skill to develop a short thought into a comprehensive array of words. 

It can be more challenging to make your audience agree with your thoughts when they come from a broad group of people with varying ages and educational levels. 

However, public speaking is not about convincing others to agree with what you believe; instead, it is about conveying a message in a way that would cause them to listen intently and understand it easily.

Consequently, if you think you love public speaking, here is a list of careers you might consider.


If you enjoy speaking in front of groups, a career in teaching is one of your most excellent options. It is crucial for a professor in a university or a teacher in a classroom to have exceptional public speaking abilities so that the audience does not leave with a faulty comprehension of the contents. 

Amartya Sen, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Azad, and C.K. Prahalad are notable examples who have touched the hearts and minds of countless young Indians and motivated them to pursue their dreams.


You cannot undervalue the importance of public speaking when you consider our current prime minister, "Narendra Modi," and his rising popularity in India and worldwide. In addition to elevating India's standing in the world, Mr. Modi has ensured that everyone pays attention to India's voice. 

Therefore, seize the chance to enter politics and convince the world to listen to your opinion if you want to be heard worldwide, like Mahatma Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. 

Your voice becomes a pledge for a better future for the country; make that voice a reality to improve your country's standing in the international community.

Motivational Speaker

"Words can inspire, words can destroy, Choose yours well," famed author Robin Sharma famously observed in his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. 

He has effectively encapsulated the function of motivational speakers in the lives of those who need a spark of hope to propel them to go against the current. 

As a career, this is one setting where you will enjoy seeing others overcome their obstacles and develop self-belief. 

Sharing personal experiences and persuading listeners to discuss their issues are two skills motivational speakers can use to their advantage in the long term.


You are the messiah carrying a torch and battling for justice for those whose voices are silenced. With the possibility of imposing substantial fees, it becomes your responsibility to speak up politely before the judge acquits your client of the false accusations. 

You will be able to leave your impact on the lives of those who suffer because of bad law and order by speaking out. 

The position you take and how you make your argument to the judges in court will be how people remember you. 

Whether it's Ram Jethmalani or Ashok Desai, these attorneys have made a name for themselves via their tenacity and ability to deliver the case persuasively.

News Anchor

Countless viewers trust your message and delivery style. Because in addition to the few sentences you read, the tone and volume at which you do so also raise issues for the country. 

Speaking in front of an audience is more than just a duty for a news anchor to tell the nation's engaged citizens about events worldwide. 

Consider Rajat Sharma, Arnab Goswami, and Ravish Kumar as examples. 

They not only accept responsibility for reading the news but also for making Indians aware of it through the power of their effective public speaking.


The spokesperson is in charge of disseminating the message to the public, whether they are representing a politician, celebrity, or organization. 

They serve as the public face of the individual or business that engaged them to facilitate efficient communication. On their behalf, you will have the opportunity to communicate with event organizers, members of the media, and many other parties. 

The only thing that requires attention is the language you choose to use when speaking. One false statement puts you under scrutiny. 

Before speaking to the public as a spokesperson, ensure you are informed of the facts, conduct research, and are prepared for interruptions.

Speech Writer

You might find it challenging to relate public speaking to your line of work as a writer. However, you are the one who can help the speaker, actor, or anchor comprehend the emotions underlying your script and influence them to embody the message you wish to convey in public. 

It is crucial for an actor, speaker, or anyone else giving your speech to identify with the subject you have discussed. 

Those can only read your writing if you place your address in the right hands and give the proper set of messages.

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