Leitner System_ Best Way to Improve Your Memory

Exam preparation can be stressful. Most students are concerned that they will forget a crucial response or lose focus throughout the test. 

While diligent study for exams is critical, it's also crucial to be knowledgeable about test-taking strategies. The Leitner System is a fantastic tool for increasing effectiveness and self-assurance. A learning method called the Leitner System uses spaced repetition. 

Students studying for competitive exams like UPSC, NEET, JEE, or the SAT and GMAT employ this strategy, where the syllabus might be overwhelming. To understand more about the learning strategy, keep reading!

Leitner System: Definition

One of the most well-liked teaching and learning resources is the Leitner system. Sebastian Leitner, a German science journalist, founded it in the 1970s. 

Flashcards are the primary tool to make learning and memorization of concepts simpler. The method focuses on spaced repetition to improve learning and brain function. Students are urged to spread their knowledge over time rather than cramming it all in at once. 

Depending on their requirements or preferences, students using the Leitner System commit varied amounts of time to learn particular topics and flashcards.

Leitner System: How to use it

The method operates as follows:

  • Make one card for each idea in your flashcards.
  • Put the study sessions in three to five boxes. For instance, one package must be examined daily, and the second must be discussed every Tuesday and Thursday. On Saturday, the third box is scheduled for review.
  • Make sure to schedule your study time because doing so will help you use the strategy in an orderly fashion.
  • After placing several flashcards in box 1, actively reflect on the ideas they contain. If you are successful, put those cards in box 2, which you get to examine every other day.
  • After that, examine and remember the ideas listed on Box 2's flashcard on alternating days. If you succeed, transfer those cards to box 3, which you can only review once every week.
  • You will need to switch back to the concepts in box one if you need help remembering the ones in box 2's flashcards.

Box 1 — Every day

Box 2 — Every two days 

Box 3 — Every four days 

Box 4 — Every nine days

Box 5 — Every 14 days

Leitner System: Why it works?

Using the Leitner System may stimulate your brain in ways that were passively reading new or complex information cannot. 

The Leitner System enables us to retrieve deeply ingrained information in our minds over a more extended period by actively responding to questions and recalling the material we have studied.

The rate at which we forget information while our brains are processing a lot of information simultaneously varies depending on the notion. 

Most of the time, our brains can only comprehend some of the data at a time, which increases the likelihood that we will forget most of the concepts. Our brains can better absorb and digest information because of the Leitner System's emphasis on spaced repetition and active recall.

Changing a routine study strategy may feel daunting to some people. However, the Leitner System keeps the tried-and-true fundamentals of studying with flashcards while adding new components that boost productivity. 

The Leitner System can assist you in achieving your learning objectives, whether you're learning a new language, brushing up on your language skills, or picking up a new pastime.

Leitner System: Advantages

The advantages of this method are numerous. Here are a few of them:

  • This method makes it easier to actively remember the ideas we need to study for the test. Information is retained in long-term memory with the support of the active recall. Passively reading new and complex data is significantly worse than actively recalling it because it is rarely or never used.
  • Students' memorization skills are improved.
  • It makes spaced repetition easy and is more straightforward than cramming material at once.
  • Students can clarify their solid and weak notions by using this strategy. This clarity facilitates intelligent and efficient exam revision.
  • It is a quicker method that ensures efficiency, particularly in theoretical topics like history, business studies, political science, etc.

Leitner System: When to use it

The Leitner approach works best when memorizing facts and learning new information. This is especially helpful for subjects that call for solid memory skills. It is also advised for issues where students could benefit from further assistance.

As early in the semester as possible, begin creating the flashcards. Every time you start a new chapter, get some flashcards ready. 

Teachers typically notify students before tests (usually written in the syllabus). Make use of this to your benefit. Early preparation is critical. Get your boxes and flashcards ready.

This should be manageable; students must practice the Leitner system over several weeks. 

However, it will be worthwhile if you have a lot of studying, particularly if the subject is challenging. Use this strategy exclusively for special issues and topics if it's too much work.

This methodology works excellently for memorization. Therefore, combining it with study techniques that foster comprehension is a good idea. 

The Leitner system has a lot of promise. The thoroughness of this technique is one of its beauties. There will be no uncovered flashcards.

Students that use the Leitner system develop a study regimen and use the correct methods to grasp a subject, which helps them achieve their learning objectives. 

The Leitner system is used in this method, which has a lot of steps and can be laborious, but if students stick with it, they can profit from all of its advantages.

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