How to Write a Standout Resume When You’re a Stay-at-Home Parent

Navigating the job market as a stay-at-home parent requires finesse and a strategic approach. The following guide provides valuable insights on constructing an attention-grabbing resume and leveraging your unique experiences. Discover how to make your resume stand out and effectively communicate your skills and accomplishments to prospective employers.

Shaping Your Stay-at-Home Parent Resume

Embracing Your Unique Story

Despite the career break, your resume can closely resemble a traditional one. Tailor it based on your preferences, choosing a format that highlights your work timeline, key skills, or a combination of both.

Essential Resume Sections

Ensure your resume includes standard sections such as header, experience, education, and skills. Consider a resume summary or objective to frame your identity and aspirations. Reflect on your working history to decide the appropriate timeframe to cover.

Articulating Your Time as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Quantify Your Impact

List your experience as a stay-at-home mom or dad, emphasizing quantifiable achievements. Detail how you stayed organized, resolved conflicts, managed household budgets, and more. Make a comprehensive list of your responsibilities.

Identify Transferable Skills

Identify and document transferable skills developed during parenting, like problem-solving, communication, and planning. Tailor your resume for each role by reviewing job descriptions and aligning your skills with the company's needs. Utilize impactful action words to articulate your experiences.

Integrating Stay-at-Home Parent Experience

Integrate your time as a stay-at-home parent into your resume. On a chronological resume, place it under the "experience" section. For a functional or skills-based resume, focus on the skills gained and strengthened during full-time parenting.

Sample Stay-at-Home Parent Experiences

Stay-at-Home Mom

  • Self-employed, 2018—present (Atlanta, Georgia)
    • Managed schedules for two children under 10, organizing appointments and activities
    • Oversaw weekly budget, reducing spending by 8%
    • Created a local parenting group on Facebook with over 60 members, organizing meet-ups and curating resources.

Stay-at-Home Parent

  • Self-employed, 2020—present (Cleveland, Ohio)
    • Oversaw remote schooling for three children (ages 5-11)
    • Volunteered with the PTA, arranging meetings and problem-solving on curriculum and budget matters.

Enhancing Your Stay-at-Home Parent Resume Further

Resume Objective

Craft a concise resume objective outlining your larger career goals. Mention your time as a stay-at-home parent or focus solely on relevant skills and experiences.

Relevant Work Experience

Include any freelance or volunteer work undertaken as a full-time parent. Showcase the efforts invested in personal and professional development during your time away from the traditional workforce.

Skills Development

Highlight professional development efforts by listing courses, certificates, or programs completed to enhance your skills. Update the "skills" section on your resume to reflect new competencies.


Add it to the education section if you've pursued any schooling while parenting. Include new degrees earned or create a separate section for professional certificates.

Additional Advice for Re-entering the Workforce

Identify Your Goals

Clarify your job search objectives, considering whether you seek full-time, part-time, or freelance work. Research in-demand jobs or those offering flexibility to align your goals with potential opportunities.

Refresh Your Professional Presence

Update your LinkedIn profile with a new photo, refreshed headline, and revised "About Me" section. Leverage the platform to effectively communicate your professional journey.

Network Connections

Utilize your network for job referrals and recommendations. Reach out to former managers, colleagues, mentors, or friends. Consider connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn to explore potential opportunities.

Strengthen Your Skills

Enroll in a professional certificate program to stay updated on industry developments. Highlight completed certificates on your resume to demonstrate your commitment to ongoing skill enhancement.

Crafting a standout resume as a stay-at-home parent involves effectively communicating your experiences and skills. By following these guidelines, you'll present a compelling narrative to potential employers, increasing your chances of a successful return to the workforce.


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Dedicated and organized stay-at-home parent with a wealth of experience in managing household responsibilities and nurturing children. Eager to leverage transferable skills in a [desired position] to contribute to a dynamic work environment.


Stay-at-Home Parent (Self-employed)

Atlanta, Georgia | 2018—Present

  • Managed schedules for two children under the age of 10, efficiently organizing competing appointments and activities.
  • Oversaw the weekly grocery budget, successfully reducing overall spending by 8% over two years.
  • Created and managed a local parenting group on Facebook, currently featuring over 60 members. Organized meet-ups and curated resources and tools weekly.

Stay-at-Home Parent (Self-employed)

Cleveland, Ohio | 2020—Present

  • Successfully oversaw remote schooling for three children (ages 5-11), adapting weekly to changing requirements and working one-on-one to identify needs and stay organized.
  • Volunteered with the PTA, arranging meetings, communicating needs, and problem-solving on matters of curriculum and budget.


  • Organizational Skills: Effectively managed household schedules and budgets.
  • Communication: Demonstrated strong communication skills through volunteer work with the PTA and creating a local parenting group.
  • Problem-Solving: Adapted to changing requirements in remote schooling and reduced overall spending by 8% through budget management.
  • Planning: Coordinated and planned various activities for children and parenting group meet-ups.


[Include relevant education, such as degrees earned or ongoing courses.]

Additional Information

  • Freelance Work: [Specify any freelance or volunteer work during the stay-at-home period.]
  • Professional Development: Completed [mention any courses, certificates, or programs] to stay updated and enhance skills.


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