How to enroll in your favorite course in Learnsic

In the menu bar, please click on the course option; here, you will see the course available for you. Select the course you want to enroll in. 

After visiting the course, you will find complete information. You can preview the course and get an idea about this course. You can also preview other available chapters as a demo which will help you to know what you will get in this course and how you will study. 

If you are interested in enrolling in this course, click the “enroll now” button. You must create an account to enrol if you have already created an account, then you can click on login. 

Here on the payment page, you can choose the payment method which you want to use. If you have any voucher code, then you can enter it in the voucher option else, you can tick the team and condition option and click on proceed payment option.

After making a payment, in enroll now option, you can now see start learning now you can click on this option to get to the dashboard option, or you can click on your two-word circle name option on the top right corner and choose my course. In my course, choose the course name and go to the dashboard. 

Here in the course dashboard, you can write notes, ask questions and check study materials from the resource folder. Also, on the right side of the course dashboard, you can see course content. You can jump to any chapter you want to study. 

After completing, you can also review this course and how you feel and also give us feedback for improvements. 

If you are using this website from mobile our website will look like this and you can follow the same steps to study your favorite course.

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