How to Answer, ‘Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?’

Are you attending your first-ever interview? Make sure to start your preparations early. Review all potential interview questions and responses as soon as possible. 

As a new graduate, you can ask yourself, "Why should you be hired for this internship?" Do not worry; we have you covered on this issue! 

Continue reading and prepare the most satisfactory possible responses to this critical inquiry.

Why you should be hired for this internship is one question that interviewers always have on their list to ask candidates. Even though it looks simple, this answer may be challenging. The decision-making authority typically rests with the interviewer. 

Your ability to answer this question correctly will determine whether you land your first internship or job. Therefore, you must concentrate on how to respond intelligently to this question.

Here are a few responses one may use to answer the question, "Why should you be hired for this internship?"

Possible Answer Example 1

I'm about to complete my final year or semester of college right now. We have learned much during the last few years while in school and after graduation. But how much I truly understand will be determined by how I put my knowledge to use. I'll be able to see where I stand by joining your company. This is the best opportunity I can get, bar none. Here, I can demonstrate my abilities and expertise while gaining insight into this sector's inner workings. Due to this, you may give me this internship.

Possible Answer Example 2

I'm a beginner, so I'm still learning. But I can attest that I pick things up quickly. I'm constantly willing to both learn new things and unlearn old ones. Unlearning eliminates outmoded beliefs and behaviors and switches to more sophisticated methods. If I get through, I'd like to talk to the management about some new and undeveloped ideas, some of which I'm sure they would find appealing. It might be advantageous for both this company and me to hire me. I need help understanding why I can't be given this internship.

Possible Answer Example 3

If I were to be hired, I would want to spend my time here learning all the intricacies of the industry. The CEO has always inspired me; this is genuinely my dream business. Based on my understanding, you are interested in CSR and are actively working with a few NGOs. On your official website, I discovered this. We connect here because I work as a social worker and volunteer for various NGOs. You can thus recruit me since you will get the best performance from me, and I will get the most from working for your firm.

Possible Answer Example 4

I'll learn a lot by joining this prestigious institution. I want to get advice from knowledgeable and experienced people already on board. I'll be able to advance professionally in this way in the future. Being a part of this vast organization will also enhance my base because yours is a well-known brand. A solid foundation is what matters. And I do not doubt that your business can assist me in creating one. In exchange, I promise to give this group my complete attention and will do everything I reasonably can to further it.

Possible Answer Example 5

I am a patient learner with a fair comprehending ability. I'm able to pick up new information rapidly and work efficiently at the same time. I can also be a huge help in coming up with ideas and being creative. In addition, we had to complete a project for my graduation paper related to your sector. Therefore, everything I acquired from my industrial tours and past internships is relevant to this employment. Since I already have a foundational understanding of this subject, there is no need to start from scratch. So, in the end, you may select me as one of the finalists.

Possible Answer Example 6

I served as a "campus ambassador" and a "placement coordinator." I have some expertise in selecting the best talent for a given work. Finding the appropriate individual for a job is half the battle won. I meet the minimum requirements for this internship/job role because I flair for spotting the right talent for any given work. In addition, I'm taking a part-time human resource management PGDBA course. I am, therefore, the perfect fit for the profile.

Possible Answer Example 7

I enjoy reading and writing a lot. I can read, evaluate, and produce digital content. I started my WordPress blog from scratch and ensured it was operational. Every week, I feed it as much new content as possible. My fans have responded to me very positively and encouragingly over the past few months, especially after I started running social media marketing campaigns to boost my website. I have completed several online beginners and intermediate certifications in website development, digital marketing, and content development. Please see my résumé for a complete list of these. Therefore, I think my background, interests, and experience will enable me to fulfill the requirements of this post. If given a chance, I'm confident I won't fail you in any way.

Possible Answer Example 8

I give everything I do my all, whether homework, projects, freelancing work, or something as simple as composing a poem. I'll be effective at this work because I registered for a relevant course part-time last week. Nothing can divert me from a task when I am fully engaged in it. Many friends complain that I am a perfectionist, but I can't help it! It is a trait of my personality. In addition, I am direct and honest. I never hesitate to contact someone knowledgeable about the subject for assistance when I have a problem with my assignment. These characteristics make me a strong contender for this internship.

You can use these examples of responses to apply for various internships in various professions. Whatever training you apply for, you may use the generic responses wherever. 

Prepare for the interview by pulling up your socks and tightening your belts. It's all OK to go as long as your theory agrees with the solution. What are you still holding out for?

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