Free Online Libraries You Should Know about

A library is not an extravagance but rather one of life's needs. A library is undoubtedly a luxury if it is open to everyone and free of charge. We have been taught the advantages of reading since we were young. 

Francis Bacon, an English philosopher, described reading as a man's ornament, while Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov said it was enjoyable to read a book before retiring to bed. 

Reading a great book can do more for a bibliophile than anything else. 

A picture of dusty books on wooden shelves in a big room with an ancient librarian in a tweed coat immediately comes to mind. Stay put! Because of the Internet, technology has advanced since our time. 

We can transport thousands of books on our mobile devices. Never before have I read and gotten information so simple.

On the entire planet, there are more than 129,864,880 books. That is a substantial sum, right? We'll talk about various free online libraries accessible to readers anywhere in this article.

List of 11 Free Online Libraries

National Digital Library of India 

The National Digital Library of India is an online collection of teaching materials, including books, journals, data sets, audiobooks, lectures, video lectures, presentations, notes, question papers, and solutions in a variety of subject areas, including management, law, medicine, humanities, science, engineering, and literature. The information is obtained from Indian educational and research organizations and is available in all Indian languages.

Project Gutenberg

The literature is available online at Project Gutenberg. It is one of the most popular websites for free online books. The public can access the content for free because donations support the website. Readers can download books on PCs, Kindle e-readers, and mobile devices.

Open Library

Open Library is the go-to place for book enthusiasts looking for free online libraries because it provides open and free access to the books available on the website. Open Library, founded in 2008, has more than 20 million records. The Kahle-Austin Foundation and the California State Library jointly supported the study.

The Online Books Page

The University of Pennsylvania's online library, Online Books Page, is a fantastic choice for book lovers looking for free reading material. On smart devices, you may read more than 30,000 novels for free.

Read Print

The Read Print, one of Time Magazine's 50 top websites, is another from the list of free online libraries. It is a website that provides recommendations for new books to read, along with thousands of books that can be downloaded for free. The reader can also join a variety of reading clubs and discussion forums.

The Literature Network

The Literature Network, another well-known name among our top recommendations for free online libraries, offers thousands of poetry, short stories, novellas, and poems. It also includes reader reviews from all over the world and hosts quizzes to make reading interesting for everyone.


The reader has access to about 5,000 public domain books through Questia. On its website, in addition to books, there are periodicals and publications. However, a subscription is necessary to use the website's excellent research tools.

California Digital Library

This is the perfect location for someone who likes the feel of paper while reading. The California Digital Library creates the experience of reading a hardcover by using high-quality hardcover pages that have been scanned and then using an interface that lets users flip the pages.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive is the location for students looking for a library that offers everything for free, including books, software, music, movies, websites, and more. It is the best option for information seekers because it offers millions of free books and other pieces of content. According to its online portal, there are currently 20 million books and 330 billion web pages.

World Digital Library

Some of us can check out World Digital Library, a U.S. Library of Congress initiative if we enjoy reading historical and multicultural materials. It contains literature from more than 193 nations, dating from 800 BCE to 2000.


Authorama is one of the best free online libraries for those who enjoy browsing fictional literature, offering a vast selection of works from well-known authors worldwide! Numerous books in the public domain are available there, and they are all in XHTML format, keeping the texts and graphics.

Below are some more Free online Libraries you must know about:

  1. LUMS Library
  2. Public Literature
  3. Universal Digital Library
  4. Wikisource
  5. Scribd
  6. ScienceOpen
  7. Planet Book
  8. HathiTrust Digital Library 
  9. Smithsonian Library
  10. Librivox
  11. Bartleby
  12. Bibliomania
  13. International Children’s Digital Library
  15. Europeana
  16. New York Public Library
  17. Google Books
  18. Amazon Books
  19. Biodiversity Heritage Library
  20. JSTOR
  22. Electronic Literature Foundation
  23. Oregon Digital Library Consortium 
  24. Directory of Open Access Journals
  25. Social Science Research Network
  26. OpenDOAR
  27. JURN
  28. Elsevier
  29. Wiley Online Library
  30. PDF Books World
  31. Libby
  32. Scopus
  33. PubMed
  34. Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books 
  35. OverDrive
  36. Biblio
  37. Classic Reader
  39. ERIC
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