Digital Marketing Salary: How Much Can You Earn in 2024?

As the digital world evolves, the demand for skilled digital marketers grows. If you're thinking about starting a career in digital marketing or looking for new chances, you should grasp the possible earnings and elements that influence your compensation. In this comprehensive article, we'll delve into the projected salaries for various digital marketing roles in 2024 and provide insights into what drives these figures and how you can maximise your earning potential.

Digital Marketing Salaries in 2024

The salaries for digital marketing roles can vary significantly based on job title, industry, company size, and location. To better understand the earning potential, let's explore the average base pay for manager roles in the top six channels marketers are currently utilising to reach their audiences, according to a reputable industry report.

Top Digital Marketing Roles and Salaries


Average Base Pay (US)

Job Description

Top-Rated Companies

Digital Marketing Manager


Implements a company's digital marketing strategies to reach target audiences.

Amazon, Google, Accenture, IBM, Freelancer

Social Media Manager


Maintains a company's social media presence and oversees social media marketing campaigns.

Accenture, Teleperformance, Freelancer, Meta, TaskUs

Blog Manager


Oversees a company's blogging efforts, including writing blog content and optimising the blog's metadata.

SEMRush, University of Southern California, DentalQore, Investish Digital, Magoosh

Content Manager


Oversees the development of strategic content to inform and attract audiences.

Meta, Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, Google

Influencer Marketing Manager


Builds influencer partnerships for a company and optimises influencer marketing campaigns., Curology, Nike, Nike Communications, Self Opportunity

SEO Manager


Oversees a company's SEO practices and optimise a site to attract more organic traffic.

Terakeet, Wpromote LLC, Logical Position, Google,

Factors Affecting Your Digital Marketing Salary

While the table provides a general overview of salaries for different roles, it's important to note that several factors can influence your earning potential. Let's explore some of the key considerations:


Some digital marketing professions require a bachelor's degree, a graduate degree, or certifications in high-priority skills. According to industry data, 76.4% of digital marketing specialists hold a bachelor's degree, and 10.1% have a master's degree. Relevant majors like business, marketing, communication, and public relations.


Your background and experience in digital marketing can play a significant role in your earning potential. This includes employment, contract or freelance work, or even marketing your business.


Advanced positions in digital marketing, like digital marketing manager, tend to command higher base salaries than entry-level or individual contributor positions, like digital marketing specialist.


Possessing critical digital marketing skills can make you a more attractive job candidate and increase your earning potential. Employers are actively seeking candidates with expertise in social media marketing, Google Analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX), and collaboration skills.


Salaries can vary depending on a company's size, marketing budget, and business goals. For example, large corporations like Amazon, Cisco Systems, and Disney may offer digital marketing managers salaries above $100,000, while non-profits or smaller organisations may offer lower salaries from $50,000 to $60,000.


The industry you work in can majorly impact your salary range. According to data, a digital marketing manager in the financial services industry can make an average base salary of $98,227. In contrast, a digital marketing manager in the education sector can earn an average of $79,907.


Salaries vary by city and region. For instance, a digital marketer in Portland, OR, can expect to make an average of $73,873, while someone with the same job title in Houston, TX, could earn an average of $76,846.

Digital Marketing Salary Best Practices

As you navigate your job search and advance your digital marketing career, consider these best practices to increase your earning possibility and career opportunities:

Refine your job search methods

Research digital marketing job listings on various career platforms to stay updated about the job market. Consider factors such as typical salaries for specific roles, salaries across industries, company employee ratings, and insights from company social media profiles, websites, and customer reviews.

Build skills and gain experience.

Continuously invest in your digital marketing education through courses, certifications, industry reports, and hands-on experience like freelance or contract work. This can lead to a more robust resume, higher salary potential, and greater exposure to evolving industry needs.

Build a network

A solid network of fellow digital marketers can open doors to career opportunities, industry trends, support systems, and valuable feedback. Connect with content creators, join professional organisations, attend conferences and networking events, participate in online forums, and reach out to course instructors and classmates.

Monitor digital marketing trends.

Stay updated on industry trends, as they can signal shifts in consumer behaviour and opportunities for more effective marketing strategies. Understand how trends connect to job openings, marketing budgets, and the potential to increase your value for employers.

By following these best practices and continuously developing your skills and experience, you'll be well-positioned to maximise your earning potential in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of digital marketing.


What is the average salary for a digital marketing manager in the US?

According to the data provided, the average pay for a digital marketing manager in the US is $78,232.

Which factors can influence your digital marketing salary?

Key factors affecting earning potential include education, experience, specific role, skills, company size/industry, and location.

How do I improve my chances of getting a higher wage in digital marketing?

You can increase your earning potential by continuing your education, building relevant skills, gaining experience (including freelance work), networking, and staying updated on industry trends.

Are there significant salary differences across industries for digital marketing roles?

Yes, salaries can vary considerably across industries. For example, a digital marketing manager in financial services earns an average of $98,227; in the education industry, the average is $79,907.

Do digital marketing salaries differ based on location?

Yes, salaries tend to vary by city and region. For instance, a digital marketer in Portland, OR, earns an average of $73,873; in Houston, TX, the average is $76,846 for the same role.

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