Create a Cover Letter for Fresher Like a Pro

Even with little experience, if you're a fresher looking to begin a career in your particular industry, you may attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters by including a well-written cover letter for a fresher level with your CV. 

This cover letter will give a prospective employer a good impression of you and may improve your chances of landing a job interview.

In this post, you'll learn what a cover letter for new hires is, how to write one that stands out, and get some writing reference samples.

What is a Cover letter?

When applicants apply for a position, they frequently submit their resumes and cover letter to fresher candidates. 

The purpose is to give the potential employer information about you, your credentials, how you can fulfil their hiring needs, and why you want to work for them. You have the opportunity to highlight your qualifications for the job by emphasising your abilities, knowledge, and other qualities. 

Your likelihood of landing a job interview with the employer may depend on your cover letter and resume.

Steps to create a Cover letter for fresher like a pro

The candidate should adhere to the chronology when creating the ideal cover letter to keep it organised and simple for the company to scan. 

Your potential employer will glance over your CV for 5 to 6 seconds, so you must diligently prepare your cover letter to act as the opening statement. Use a formal tone and format. The various components of a cover letter for a fresher are listed below:

Use a Formal Tone

When writing a cover letter for a new candidate, keep it brief and to the point. Recruiters do not have time to read lengthy cover letters because they are so busy.

Keep a professional tone throughout, whether you're writing a letter by email or hard copy. The recruiter can determine the letter's purpose and author. Put your name and "Application letter for [the position]" in the subject line of an email. Print a hard copy cover letter for fresher candidates with your name, address, contact information, and email address in the upper left-hand corner.

The hiring manager's name, the business's name, and the business address should be placed in another slot. Leave a gap, then type the letter's date beneath it. Put one more space after that, start the letter with a proper salutation, and use the recruiter's last name.

Let them know that you are interested in the job.

Let the employer know that you are a newcomer to the business and identify yourself in the first paragraph. Indicate why you are contacting them, the position you are seeking specific, and where you saw the job posting. 

Tell them why you want to work for their company and why you're the best person for the position. How the job will assist you in achieving your career goals will serve as the paragraph's conclusion. 

Enhance your experience and knowledge

Start the second paragraph by giving the employer specifics about your abilities, education, and work history. Reread the job description, highlight the keywords that best describe your qualifications, and use them in your cover letter. 

You must highlight for the employer your qualities and talents that will allow you to perform the job obligations as necessary because you have little to no work experience. 

Mention any professional associations you are a member of, your history of consistently receiving excellent grades, and any volunteer work you have done.

Request them to get in touch with you.

Start the third paragraph by stating why you want to work with them, and then restate how your qualifications match what the organisation needs. 

Tell them you looked into the business. Requesting an interview at their earliest convenience and asking them to contact you by phone or email as you close the paragraph.

Sign off after expressing gratitude for their time.

For freshers, thank the hiring manager or recruiter for reading the cover letter before closing it. Put a formal salutation, such as "Sincerely," in one space below. If it's an email, type your name below. 

Write your name under the two areas left for a physical signature on hard copies of letters, followed by a reference to the enclosed resume. After thanking them, include the CV in an email as an attachment.

Ensure the cover letter is free of mistakes, so proofread it.

Recheck the cover letter for typographical, grammatical, and spelling problems. Check your writing a second time, and try to be as transparent as possible. 

A single printed page or an email with minimal scrolling is the ideal length. Suppose your cover letter is well-written, error-free, and persuades the potential employer or recruiter to look at your resume. In that case, your possibility of being called for an interview will increase.

Samples of Cover Letters for Fresher

Sample 1

Mr Manav Wasti


Anamnagar, Kathmandu


Subject: Application for the Counselor Position at StudyInfoCentre

Dear Recruiter’s Name,

I'm delighted to write this letter regarding the counsellor position at StudyInfoCentre that has become available. I stumbled upon your company's vacancy on LinkedIn, and after reading the qualifications, I'm confident I meet them.

My knowledge has been furthered by completing the MA in Arts program at K and K International College, Baneshwor, as well as by realising numerous certificate programs in REBT and CBT. I have an overall GPA of 7.0 and regularly had above-average grades throughout my master's. I spent a lot of time becoming an MR since I was passionate about my field and wanted to learn from them at every turn.

I've also included my résumé, and I feel qualified for the counsellor role based on my education and experience. I ensure to give my best effort and work well with the group.

I appreciate the chance and want to talk more about the role when we get a chance. For your convenience, I've listed my contact information above.

Thank you. 


Surendra Ghimire

Sample 2

Bhawana Sharma


Phone number

Aug 4th, 2022

Mrs Rama,

***** School

Kathmandu, Nepal


Subject: Application for 9th grade Math teacher Position at The Rato Bangla School.

Dear Mrs Rama,

I'm writing to apply for the ninth-grade mathematics teacher position at The Rato Bangla School. While pursuing a degree in elementary education at Tribhuwan University, I gained extensive experience working with youngsters as a student teacher. I am eligible to fill this position and support The Rato Bangla School's aim to develop tomorrow's leaders because of my dedication to teaching in urban environments and my enthusiasm for working with kids who find mathematics challenging.

Thanks to my nearly five years of education in the subject and six months of student teaching as an intern, I am prepared to teach mathematics to students using a certain mindset and approach. I am determined to help students better understand mathematics to prepare for future competitive exams. I have extensive experience with the most popular digital teaching platforms. I speak Nepali and English well enough to communicate with the majority of the students at the school.

As a teacher, I am passionate about assisting kids in developing new abilities and skills. I have a bachelor's in education, and a master's in mathematics. I have certifications in mathematics, technology education, and bilingual teaching. I'm now working on additional Vedic Mathematics certificates.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I would appreciate speaking with you about the teaching position for mathematics in the ninth grade. I am interested in talking with you more.

Thank You

Best Regards,

Bhawana Sharma 

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