Company Secretary Course

The CS course, or company secretary course, is specifically created for students with a background in business. 

However, this course is open to all students who have completed their 12 standards and come from any field. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (C.S) offers the education to become a company secretary. 

The Company Secretary (C.S.) profession emerged by establishing an online course accessible via remote learning.

A three-year degree called "Company Secretary" teaches students how to manage a company's legal matters, such as tax reports and record keeping. 

The company secretary oversees a firm's strategy and decision-making and ensures that all operations adhere to legal, moral, and regulatory criteria. 

Under the Company Secretaries Act of 1980, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) educates and oversees company secretaries in India. 

On the ICSI membership list, there are more than 65,000 members and almost 2,50,000 pupils. Company Secretary is equivalent to a postgraduate degree, according to the new UGC standards. Students have the option of pursuing advanced research studies.

The Company Secretary Course costs are INR 3600 for the Foundation, INR 7000 for the Executive, and INR 12,000 for the Professional. For the CS Foundation, CS Executive, and CS Professional tracks, the Company Secretary Course lasts for 8 months, 9 months, and 15 months, respectively. 

The CSEET test has taken the place of the CS Foundation exam. Students are not required to pass the CSEET if they plan to enrol in the Company Secretary Course after graduation.

Why study a Company Secretary Course?

  • One can learn how to fulfil every duty and position of a company secretary by enrolling in the Company Secretary course.
  • Candidates may study this topic at any age after 17, and there is no minimum age requirement to work as a company secretary.
  • Candidates may choose to work flexibly and under minimal stress.
  • Another advantage of becoming a company secretary is having good pay (C.S). In India, a company secretary makes an average annual pay of 6 lakhs.
  • The position of company secretary is very fulfilling. An excellent and well-respected career with high compensation and relatively little stress is being a secretary for a particular organisation.

Company Secretary: Eligibility Criteria

Any student who wants to enrol in the course and earn their certification as a company secretary must meet the requirements listed below:

  • The first level (Foundation Programme or CSEET) of the Company Secretary program requires a Class 12 pass in any stream (except Fine Arts) from a recognised university or equivalent as the minimum requirement for enrollment.
  • The Executive Programme and Professional Programme are the only two levels the candidate must pass to continue studying computer science after graduation.
  • People who have finished their undergraduate or graduate degrees (except those in the fine arts) or have passed the ICWAI Foundation level CA and Cost Accounting course can directly apply for admission to the CS Executive level.

Company Secretary: Exams

  • The Company Secretary program at ICSI is open for enrollment all year. The tests are given twice a year, in June and December. Interested applicants may apply for the exam month of their choice.
  • If you want to take the Foundation Programme exam in December of the current year, you must enrol by March 31. If you want to take the exam in June of the following year, you must enrol by September 30.
  • If you want to enter CS from the Executive Programme level, you must enrol by February 28 to participate in both modules for the December exam this year or by August 31 if you want to appear in both modules for the June exam the following year.
  • One must enrol in the Executive Program by November 30 to take one module in the June Examination the following year.
  • A candidate is said to have passed the Foundation, Executive, or Professional test if they receive at least 40% overall in each paper and 50% overall in all subjects in one sitting.

Company Secretary Course: Skills Required

Analytical abilities, good observational abilities, and attention to detail are necessary for the job of a company secretary. 

The three-level CS course provides applicants with all the necessary knowledge and training. Still, one should only enrol in the course after determining whether one can handle the analytical duties and obligations associated with financial evaluations and auditing.

A company secretary must have strong persuasion skills, mental fortitude, and tenacity. Following are some examples of the desired skill set for this position:

  • powerful communication abilities
  • Knowledge of business law 
  • powerful numerical abilities
  • Time Management & Multitasking
  • Command over Written and Spoken English
  • Analytical Skills

How to become a Company Secretary

Candidates who want to work as company secretaries (C.S.) must take the CSET exam. This program is open to students who have finished their 10+2 requirements. This exam has three levels: the foundation course, the executive course, and the professional course.

Before applying, candidates must engage in the Foundation course, level one of the curriculum. After passing, students must sign up for the Executive course before continuing to the Professional program. 

A final management training session follows the Professional level. After completing that, candidates will receive official certification as a Company Secretary (C.S.) graduate. In India, the Company Secretary earns a yearly salary of 6 lakh.

Company Secretary: Course Levels

Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, and Professional Programme are the three-course levels offered by Company Secretary.




Fees (INR)

CS Foundation Programme

It is the first level among the Company Secretary courses and the path to becoming a Company Secretary. This course is provided by the ICSI and is a mixture of optional coaching and postal tuition classes.

8 Months


CS Executive Programme,

The Executive Programme is the second level of becoming a certified Company Secretary (C.S). Candidates coming from any stream can pursue this course, except fine arts.

9 Months


CS Professional Programme

Candidates can only follow this course if they have successfully cleared the executive program under the Company Secretary course.

10 Months


Roles and Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

The following are the responsibilities and duties of a corporate secretary:

  • As internal legal specialists, company secretaries serve as compliance officers and offer advice.
  • In corporate governance, also fulfils their responsibility as the board of directors' principal advisor.
  • A company secretary is an authority on corporate law, capital markets, and securities law.
  • They are also in charge of an organisation's adherence to regulations.
  • As a strategic manager and in business planning, they are also essential.
  • Additionally, the company secretary aids in creating a framework for social and business sustainability.
  • The company secretary represents the firm before the law board, consumer forums, tax tribunals, securities appellate tribunals, registrars, etc., and is in charge of secretarial compliance audit and certification services.
  • advising parties on how to resolve commercial problems through arbitration, negotiations, and conciliation, as well as drafting the contract
  • Consulting services for businesses on tax planning and administration under the rules governing income tax, excise and customs taxes, service taxes, and VAT, among others.
  • advising on share and other securities issues in India and overseas
  • Creating the prospectus, the offer for sale, the letter of offer, and other papers necessary for the issuance of securities while working with the lead managers to secure the necessary approvals
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