10 Books to Read Before Going to Study Abroad

Thinking about going to study abroad, whether for a master's, bachelor's, or even a semester, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

You get to sample many cultures and cuisines, develop a worldwide network, and learn how to live independently. 

Every day is a rollercoaster of various emotions. Some students experience a wave of homesickness, cultural shock, and other things. 

Books assist kids in developing strong vocabulary, enhancing their reading and writing abilities, and sharpening their focus and concentration. 

The ten finest books to read before studying abroad are listed here to help you prepare for your wild ride.

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho (1988)

The primary character in Paulo Coelho's book The Alchemist is a shepherd child from Spain's Andalusia province named Santiago. Santiago leaves his birthplace and travels to the exotic markets of North Africa and the Egyptian desert to acquire the riches that will allow him to live out his ambitions. This book describes the boy's wild adventure while on his quest for a lost treasure. He ultimately discovers the wealth at the palace, where he begins his voyage after the ordeal. In essence, Author Paulo Coelho conveys to readers through this novel that we are constantly on the hunt to find the item outside, and we could care less about what is inside each of us first. This is a fascinating read for everyone, especially for those about to embark on their study abroad adventure to realize their life goals. Paulo Coelho, a well-known author, was born in Brazil. He has received many notable honors.

The Psychology of Money- Morgan Housel (2020)

Students must make a significant financial commitment to study abroad, whether in tuition or additional living costs; it can cost millions of dollars. One of the best books to read before studying abroad is this one. For individuals who want to obtain some financial knowledge before beginning their international education journey, The Psychology of Money is a must-read. The author of this book, Morgan Housel, has won the Society of American Business Editors' Best in Business Award twice. This book primarily discusses managing, investing, and spending money sensibly based on rational choices rather than gut feelings. With the aid of nineteen anecdotes, the author provided universal lessons on riches, greed, and happiness in this book. The primary goal of this book is to increase the readers' financial literacy.

Losing North- Nancy Huston

With the subtitle "musing on land, tongue, and self," Nancy Huston has created a collection of essays titled Losing North. In it, she expresses her observations on her losing Canadian identity and growing one as a citizen of the globe. The author of the personal essay candidly addresses her complex feelings toward her native language of, English, and her adopted language of French. Students should read Losing North because it will increase their vocabulary. Students who want to study abroad will learn a lot about the challenges of moving to new places and interacting with diverse cultures and people. One of the best books to read before studying abroad is this one.

Animal Farm – George Orwell (1945)

One of the best books to read before studying abroad is this one. George Orwell's novel Animal Farm is a figurative work of fiction. Animal Farm tells an intriguing tale of farm animals and their owner, Mr. Jones. Through his writing, George Orwell emphasized how all animals rebel against their master because they are not given proper care. The author intended to convey the situation before the 1917 Russian revolution by using these imaginary individuals. The plot of this book conveys the notion that despite differences among members of the same group or between groups, there is still a potential that everyone can coexist peacefully.

Atomic Habits- James Clear

Our habits accelerate our lives. Good habits make it easier for us to live moral lives, while negative patterns always get us into problems. These minor adjustments have transforming qualities. Because we all believe it is challenging to modify our unproductive habits, we have all become slaves to them. In his book Atomic Habits, author James Clear attempted to dispel this notion and presented a ground-breaking theory of the cumulative impact of little, regular actions. They learned the value of little changes in their professional and personal lives by reading Atomic Habits, which prepared them for future possibilities and responsibilities.

Karmayogi – A Biography of E. Sreedharan

M.S. wrote a biography of E Sreedharan called Karamyogi. Senior journalist and author Ashokan. E. Sreedharan is a pioneer who rose to fame as an icon for all Indians due to his unwavering dedication and work ethic. He is admired for his productivity and high work standards because of his efficiency and discipline. In particular, for the young Indian and upcoming corporate leaders, his post-retirement commitment to completing the Delhi Metro Project on schedule and within budget is a lesson. For corporate executives who also wish to advance their careers and uphold the nation's honor, as Mr. E. Shreedharan, this book can serve as a bible.

Team Quotient- Douglas Gerber

Douglas Gerber's book Team Quotient serves as an operational or guiding guideline for managers to assist them in creating high-performance teams. Douglas Gerber is the founder and CEO of the high-performance consulting company Focus One. He created a novel idea called Team Quotient (TQ). This idea results from ten years of working with numerous Fortune 500 firms. Over fifty real-world lessons from influential people in business and sports are included in this book. All study abroad students must read Team Quotient. They will undoubtedly benefit from it and develop into a vital and highly effective team member on any team, anywhere in the world.

Art of War- Sun Tzu

The Art of War by Sun Tzu offers leadership and strategic management instruction in a single book. This work of art includes essays on statecraft, military strategy, and management. Thomas Cleary, an American writer and translator is the author of it. Sun Tzu's Art of War covers strategic assessments, planning, adaptation, defense, and attack strategies. The Art of War, according to USA Today, teaches statecraft so effectively that it may stand beside the venerable old book The Prince by Machiavelli. The world's most important book on strategy is read by contemporary politicians, generals, and business moguls.

The Everyday Hero Manifesto- Robin Sharma

Author, corporate trainer, and philanthropist Robin Sharma is well-known and well-respected worldwide. The Everyday Hero Manifesto is a compilation of the best management guidelines, procedures, and strategies he has learned and developed over his nearly 25 years of professional experience working with various notable figures in business, sports, media, entertainment, politics, and the private sector. Readers regard this book as a guide to success, prolonged happiness, and exceptional societal service. The author has used learning models, implementation templates, and tactical worksheets to teach the material straightforwardly and engagingly. The tagline for this book, Activate Your Positivity, Maximize Your Productivity, Serve the World, discusses 360-degree development.

Life’s Amazing Secrets- Gaur Gopal Das

The final book in this list of the top 10 books, Life Amazing Secrets, is also the most significant. One of the revered and well-respected monks of recent times, Gaur Gopal Das Ji, is the author of this book. He divided the material into four parts, covering four main topics: relationships, work-life balance, social contributions, and personal life. The author has offered his priceless wisdom on developing relationships, discovering one's inner potential, adopting a balanced attitude toward everyone, and ultimately giving back to society in a certain way. Reading this masterwork will aid readers in developing emotional intelligence, the ability to hear their inner voice, and empathy.

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