Best Direction To Study

Studying in different zones can provide multiple outcomes. Sometimes it can be terrifying to study for an exam. Students often need help looking for a subject they don't enjoy and cannot focus on. 

"Vastu Shastra" can explain how choosing the proper direction can improve your academic performance. By establishing the "correct" course of study for the pupils, science can solve any issues.

Best Direction to Study, according to Vastu

What you need to know about the Vastu-recommended study direction is as follows:

  • Vastu states that facing North or East when seated in a North-East room is the ideal direction for studying.
  • How should you position yourself while learning? While studying, you must always look in either the East or West directions. If it's not possible, you can also face North.
  • If it is not an option, you could use a room with a view to the north or east.
  • In addition, Vastu advises that you study at a regular-shaped table made of the highest-quality wood and keep your back at least 3 to 4 inches from any wall not directly in front of you.
  • A void represents a place where fresh thoughts can flow.
  • Everyone knows that the sun rises from the east, moves toward the north, and sets in the west. While the East points toward expansion, success, and prosperity, the North represents progress.

Tips to Choose the Best Direction to study

Let's look at some Vastu suggestions to help us study on the right path and improve our concentration:

  • According to Vastu, the study room should face either the east or west of the home.
  • It is advised against having a door directly behind one's study chair. They can instead have a wall there.
  • The study table must be positioned in the optimal studying direction.
  • A motivational poster must be displayed on the wall in front of the study table; it cannot be empty.
  • Additionally, it is advised against installing cupboards on the room's east and north walls. On the other side, all book storage cabinets should be located on the South and West walls.
  • The study table shouldn't be close to a mirror.

Best Direction for study table

Finding the optimal direction for the study table is given equal weight to determining the best approach to study. According to Vastu, it is crucial to place your study table properly. The proper placement of the study table aids in improving students' ability to focus during class.

  • According to Vastu, the most excellent orientation for your study table is North or East because it can improve your attention.
  • According to Vastu, there must be a good space between the study table and the wall.
  • Vastu has also recommended the ideal location for the books to be kept. According to Vastu experts, the Northeast is the best direction for storing your books.
  • Studying requires concentration; thus, having a clear workspace and a tidy study desk will help us concentrate better. 
  • For the creative, a tidy desk is like a blank canvas representing the world of possibilities, and anyone finds it simpler to work at a clean table. 
  • You could also hang some motivational artwork or ideas on the wall in front of your study desk.

Best Direction to study scientifically

Here's how, according to science, to determine your best course of study:

  • The vital Brain-derived Neurotropic Factor necessary for developing new brain cells, mood regulation, and learning is elevated by exercise and yoga. Additionally, they assist in the production of potent chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, which are known for elevating mood (for attention and learning).
  • Cramming is ineffective because you need to move the knowledge from your short-term to long-term memory.
  • Knowing what you're studying will help you perform better and lessen worry.
  • Learning topics to pass them on to others helps you actively comprehend them and ensures that the knowledge is retained in your memory rather than being merely skimmed over.
  • It is more beneficial to test yourself on your learned content than to keep reading it.
  • Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for the ideal study strategy. After studying, sleep promotes the wiring of newly learned information into your brain cells.
  • To lower Cortisol levels before studying a challenging subject or topic, get some alone time and adopt a Superman or Wonder Woman pose (stress hormones).
  • Acting confidently can gradually make your mind feel you can achieve anything, even if you're not sure you can.

Deciding among the different study methods is challenging. You must need help concentrating on your studies if you seek the finest study strategy. 

Instead of Vastu techniques, everyone should trust the concept of unrelenting effort and strict hard work to obtain their heart's desire. 

Additionally, people take time to realize what they want and where to start because they need more knowledge about their traits and personality. 

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