All about Equine Science

Equine science is a desirable degree for students to pursue. This degree enables you to turn your love of horses into a career that will last a lifetime. 

Equine Science is also concerned with comprehending all facets of equine science, including physiology, anatomy, nutrition, reproduction, and administration of daily practical classes that allow you to take a module in equine business. 

It is a sought-after course because so many different degrees are provided by major universities worldwide. 

Continue reading to learn more about top colleges, popular courses, job opportunities, and more!

Top Universities for Studying Equine Science Abroad

The best universities in the world offer a wide range of programs in equine science. Some of the best colleges where we can study the Equine Science Courses are as follows:

Name of the university


Midway University


Southern Utah University


McNeese State University


Murray State University


Massey University


Auburn University


Keiser University


University of Kentucky 


University of Limerick


University of Minnesota Crookston


Eligibility Criteria for Studying Equine Science

Depending on the type of degree and courses, different people may be eligible for the Equine Sciences. The typical eligibility requirements are

  • Undergraduate Degree: A recognized 10+2 science-stream diploma from a board with a minimum grade requirement of 55% is the baseline requirement for an undergraduate degree.
  • Postgraduate Degree: To qualify for postgraduate study, you must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized university with at least a 55% grade point average (or an equivalent) in the pertinent disciplines.
  • Ph.D.: To be eligible for a Ph.D. in equine science, you must have completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution with related courses.

Equine Science: Syllabus

The world's population of horses and donkeys exceeds 100 million, and it is nearly hard to locate a continent without them. You can benefit from this course in several ways relating to studying equines and management techniques. The fundamental outline of the curriculum is provided below, but it may vary based on the institutions.

  • Survey of Equine Science
  • Selection and confirmation
  • Equine Evolution
  • Breeds and breeding 
  • Nutrition of Equine
  • Feeding 
  • Facilities and handling 
  • Health management 
  • Exploring Careers in the Equine industry
  • Emphasis on sound management practices 
  • Basic equine physiology 
  • Equine Behaviour and training

Equine Science: Courses

Numerous undergraduate and graduate programs in equine studies are available. You can obtain important positions in the horse business with these degrees. Generally speaking, the BSc degree takes four years to complete, though this might vary per university. Several of the well-liked courses are

Name of the Course 


BSc Equine Performance and Rehabilitation

3 Years

Bachelor of Equine, Sports and business  {Animal Husbandry BSc}

4 Years 

Bachelor of Science In Equestrian Studies


BSc in Equine Science 

3 Years

BSc {Hons} in Equine Science 


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Animal/Equine Science 

BSc {Hons} Equine Studies Degree

3 Years

Equine Science: Career and Job Scope

There are various reasons to pursue this, but the most popular and fundamental one is the abundance of career options that open up once specific credentials and experience is obtained. These job profiles are frequently well-paid, and some examples include

  • Stud Farm supervisors,
  • Marketing Directors
  • geneticists for horses
  • business executives,
  • Animal scientists

Equine Science: Scholarships

Many of us struggle to afford the exorbitant course costs at prestigious colleges. Several scholarships are available to support and give you financial aid for your education if you wish to pursue a career in equine sciences. Popular scholarships that are offered include the following:

Name of the Scholarship 

Scholarship Amount

4-H Youth in Action


Animal Welfare Institute Scholarship


AQHA Margaret A. Haines Telephony Scholarship


Ashtabula County Agricultural Scholarship Fund


Cavalier Trail Riding Club Scholarship


Denes & Agota Bardos Award


Donald Handeland Scholarship


Environmental Studies/Natural Science Scholarship Program


Farm and Ranch Depot Scholarship Program


IJA Strategies Women in Technology Scholarship


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