18 Feelings You Will have as a College Fresher

College life is the best place on earth since it offers a fresh start, independence, a world to discover, and a lot of mysteries. 

Being a college freshman is an accomplishment in and of itself; it involves new emotions, the urge to define one's identity, and the desire to live the life one has always imagined. 

If you're about to start college and want to learn about the countless new and familiar feelings you're likely to experience as a college freshman, this article is for you. 

Continue reading the article to learn more about the feelings you will encounter at a significant stage of your life that you have always dreamed of.

A Feeling of Anxiety

Is there a butterfly in your tummy right now? Do not worry; they will pass after you adjust to your new existence. Anxiety about meeting new people, feeling well enough, and liking the college can rule one's heart before the first day of classes. Everything sometimes seems fresher than it is, making one feel anxious about the future.

Feeling uncomfortable and scared.

The first day of your new life as a new student is significant. Your heart is tense as you wonder what to expect and whether you'll enjoy the new sensation. It's normal to fear what lies ahead, how to adjust to one's new life, and how to carve out a niche. Do not overstress yourself; it will pass.

Feeling of Excitement

Along with fear and nervousness, exhilaration, or "jump-up-and-down" excitement, rules a college freshman's heart. What's not exhilarating about a fresh start and a new life? As the time to formally start college life approaches, the excitement-induced heart-tripping subsides. Any college freshman will go bonkers excited about meeting new people, learning about hidden abilities, and seeing the world for the first time. Recent events and opportunities are coming, and happiness knows no bounds.


The hardest goodbyes might be for first-year college students who live away from their families. On the one hand, it's exciting to get to know the individuals you'll be sharing your house with, but can anything compare to the anguish of saying goodbye to one's loved ones? It's typical to experience homesickness during the first week and yearn for things like family dinners, one's old room, or simply the familiarity of being at home. Everyone has! After all, home is the best place to be.

An influx of nostalgia

Bidding farewell to the old school life is imminent as the new college life begins. You experience nostalgia like never before as recollections of your schooldays and classes with pals, and each time you walk down the halls of your school begin to swarm in. To put it mildly, saying farewell to every familiar face and one's life up to that point can be difficult when friends move away. In the circumstances like this, nostalgia is only natural, and every first-year college student has experienced it.

Feeling of Pride

When a student walks onto a college campus for the first time, pride is among their first impressions. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to complete the first twelve years of school by passing various examinations. Due to this, it is normal to feel proud when a student enrolls in a college to further their education in the topics of their choice. The sense of satisfaction is also increased because it took a lot of effort for the student to be admitted to the prestigious college of their dreams.

Fully Recharged and Prepared to confront the world

Any college student will tell you that the first few days of school fly by in a blur, and you are prepared to handle anything that comes your way. With first-year students' day and the upcoming week, there is a lot of enthusiasm and energy there. The new mindset is optimism and readiness to meet any obstacles life presents.

Feeling of Doubt

When the first day of college rolls around, it is overwhelming for any college freshman. One can feel overwhelmed by a brand-new environment, unfamiliar people, ultra-hip stuff, and a lack of a feeling of identity. Then comes the worry that you won't be able to keep up. It is normal to experience self-doubt, but remember that you can overcome it and succeed.

Distracted and confused

Feeling puzzled about a fresher is a natural response when too many options are accessible and everything moves quickly. After making many decisions during the first few days of college, one can feel dizzy and disoriented. It can perplex a first-year college student to make many decisions jointly and independently.

Feeling of Curiousness

Becoming a freshman in college comes with the desire to explore a world that was previously out of reach. There are new things to learn and new feelings to experience, and freedom should be fully embraced. Exploring and learning new things are fantastic as long as they are done responsibly, with friends.

Feeling Productive

Nothing is more frantic for a college freshman than the first few weeks of school when they must join every club and association offered. Any college freshman has a strong desire to succeed and make the most of college life as they progressively learn to settle into a routine and schedule that is more manageable.

Feeling of Hope

Hope is one of the most delicate feelings a person has ever had, and constantly related to learning. We always decide to increase our knowledge in a particular field of study to expand our options for employment. Similarly, every student enters college believing that they will be able to pursue the careers they had hoped for, and because of this, they have chosen to study a particular field. All college students enter the institution with the expectation of living happy lives in the future.

Tired emotionally and physically

New College students are frequently exhausted emotionally and physically as they adjust to their new lives. The predicted outcome of the massive amount of labor, constant taking of notes, and many drafts is feeling exhausted. It can be challenging to adjust to the new way of life, so occasionally, spending the night alone at home can help.

The Feeling of Connection

Friendships become stronger and closer as the days go by. Finding one's group and feeling a sense of belonging is crucial for newcomers. The melancholy lessens as the new environment becomes more familiar and like home. There is no going backward!

Occasionally disappointed and irritated.

Being dissatisfied as a freshman in college is nothing new. Life frequently doesn't go according to your expectations, and this disenchantment can cause despair. The monotony of living the same life over and over, the predictability of time, and the rigidity in lifestyle might be restricting and frustrating. Still, like any person, you can always exercise your right to freedom of expression and lead the life you want.

Feeling insecure and lonely.

Many questions come with being a new college student, and these inquiries frequently cause self-doubt. It's normal to experience some self-doubt, but remember that you have it within you to conquer any obstacles. Sometimes the best strategy is to spend some time by yourself.

Feeling of Ease

As the days go by, things make more sense, and every uncertainty vanishes into thin air. Life gets more structured as the schedule takes hold and the emotional upheaval fades. Everything becomes more joyful, and one fully uses the variety of chances that come their way. Life becomes more enjoyable as the concern fades into the background of one's thoughts. 

Increasing social interaction

You can get involved in social causes in which you have strong convictions and urge other students to do the same. It is usually advantageous for newcomers to engage in social activity and spread awareness. Being socially active alone won't keep you in college, though. Engage in your college life to make a difference, develop a distinct identity, or make your presence worthwhile. You'll see that you can do both while meeting some fantastic individuals.

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