10 Soft Skills to Learn From Global Leaders

The most significant characteristics that set humans apart from other animals are morality, empathy, and wisdom. 

We've heard always of being a "good" person. People in the modern world have improved their technical and professional skills but still lag in their soft skills. 

If you choose any well-known successful individual, you'll find that their success resulted from their concentration on emotional intelligence and social awareness rather than merely having an educated mentality and ideas. 

The foundation of any industry and career is soft skills. They have traits that facilitate communication and aid humans. 

Explore this article to review the list of the 10 soft skills that global Leaders have taught us.

Effective Communication- Martin Luther King Jr

Both your personal and professional lives depend on effective communication. It is the primary form of speech and must not be disregarded. It is well known in the corporate world that having strong communication skills can help you advance in your profession. 

It is a crucial soft skill to learn from influential people worldwide, including Martin Luther King Jr., Jimmy Fallon, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and others. King stands out, though, for his capacity to connect with people even when they are going through the worst time of their lives. His "I have a dream" speech won many hearts. 

Communication is what makes each person unique. Even if your words contain the same information, how you present it can improve the situation.

Integrity- Mahatma Gandhi

Integrity is a quality that can add up to all the skills you need to succeed and be great. One of the most critical soft skills from international role models is this one, and Mahatma Gandhi is the perfect example. A man who led with a noble purpose and good intentions. 

Millions of people trusted him and joined him in such a significant and dangerous endeavour due to his reputation, and the rest is history. In modern society, being righteous has become so uncommon that people think you're a fool if you have it. More courageous than a warrior on the battlefield are integral people. 

Integrity means upholding high moral standards, being able to speak the truth regardless of the repercussions, and acknowledging wrongdoing even if you could get away with it. Most significantly, it involves acting morally when no one is looking.

Work Ethic- Tim Cook

Work ethics are yet another essential soft skill that one must develop. It requires labour, devotion, and loyalty. Only a leader who fosters a culture of trust and employees who make sincere efforts can see success in their organisation or business. 

People need to be dedicated to their careers and their roles in society. These undoubtedly influence our interpersonal interactions and aid in keeping our lives in balance. 

Work ethics are frequently required, along with specific abilities and other soft skills that can be picked up from international role models. Tim Cook is a CEO who exemplifies these work ideals (CEO of Apple). Tim, who is in charge of the world's largest brand, has worked tirelessly and sincerely to uphold the reputation of the iconic company. 

According to his Gawker biography, he's the first to arrive at work and organises Sunday staff meetings to prepare everything for Monday. Such work ethic traits undoubtedly pay off and earn respect and consideration from others around them.

Teamwork- Sachin Tendulkar

When dealing with people, having a strong sense of teamwork is usually advantageous. A "team player" rating is an option on almost every job application. It includes listening intently, respecting others' viewpoints, and using conflict management techniques. 

For your team members to rely on one another for the greater good, it is crucial to develop a reliable nature. This ability needs to be emphasised in our professional and business environments, and it's one of the positive soft skills that leaders worldwide can teach us. 

Sachin Tendulkar is the best illustration of this talent. His exceptional leadership and teamwork abilities have been repeatedly demonstrated, and he has won numerous trophies with the Indians. He never fails to keep his team united, whether they win or lose.

Flexibility- Jeff Bezos

This is a crucial soft skill that people from all backgrounds should be able to acquire. Flexibility and adaptation are real life savers, whether you're a housewife or a corporate worker. It is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and deal with different problems. 

A flexible attitude enables you to adapt to and embrace new rules, doctrines, philosophies, technology, and individuals. Uncertain events are swiftly affecting our world. To live in harmony with the other forces of nature, it is crucial to maintain an open and tolerant mindset. 

Flexible people perform well and accomplish greatness, making it a soft skill that is crucial to learning from the global personality. The creator of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is one of the best examples of this ability.

Professionalism- Shahrukh Khan

Professionalism is more than just donning a suit, giving speeches, and working. Maintaining professionalism will help you keep a positive attitude and foster good relationships with clients and staff. 

When working, it's crucial to maintain composure and serenity. It entails refraining from allowing their issues to interfere with your work and cause delays. Professionalism is an important soft skill to pick up from international role models. 

Shahrukh Khan, an actor who is a global celebrity and has represented India in other nations, is one of the most well-known individuals who demonstrates a professional approach. His calm demeanour and businesslike demeanour set him apart. His friends and colleagues have emphasised his friendly nature, encouraging people to work with him.

Positive Attitude- Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman

A good outlook doesn't necessarily include maintaining a smile while downplaying complex realities. An optimistic outlook encompasses far more than what meets the eye. Gratitude, hope, faith, and belief in the future and your job are all part of it. To succeed even in hard times, having this mindset is crucial. 

A positive attitude and perseverance are essential traits of a leader. Such a leader has faith and hope in his followers, encouraging them to develop and generate fresh ideas. A calm, healthy mind can function more effectively than a troubled one. 

One of the most critical soft skills to pick up from international stars is having a cheerful attitude. Jim Carrey, Hasan Minhaj, and Lilly Singh are the top individuals who embody and promote this attribute globally. Lilly Singh, however, is well known for her ability to uplift Gen Z. 

Her approach and words empower students, and she uses her platform to speak out on crucial problems. Even under the most painful circumstances, she encourages positivity. People from all around the world connect with her work to unwind and find some solace in it.

Social Skills- Jordan’s Queen Rania

Communication skills and social skills are frequently used interchangeably. On the other hand, social skills focus more on non-verbal communication, such as gestures, expressions, etc., whereas communication emphasises vocal speaking. 

We unknowingly convey some signs that are ingrained in the subconscious mind when we communicate. Every language has developed over time and has gradually incorporated arm and mouth gestures. Your facial expressions convey more information than your words do. 

Gaining control of your social abilities can help you project a friendly attitude toward others. Queen Rania of Jordan is a prime example of this trait in a global personality, making it one of the most critical soft skills to acquire. 

She is a leading proponent of women's rights, health, and education in the Arab world and globally. She is respected worldwide because of her refined manner and social graces. She has a friendly demeanour that makes people feel safe.

Responsibility- Leonardo Dicaprio

The soft skill of responsibility is another that is rarely discussed. Put, being responsible doesn't extend to our homes or workplaces. Everything you do, whether for the benefit of the world, your country, or yourself, should be accompanied by a sense of responsibility. 

Owning your work, home, and the people you deal with are all included. By acting responsibly, you inevitably ensure that the work is error-free. 

Being accountable also entails having the flexibility to learn from mistakes and make adjustments. Responsibility, one of the vital soft qualities to learn from international figures, may be seen in the well-known actor Leonardo Dicaprio. Leo devotes much time and energy to being a responsible humanitarian and one of today's best performers. 

He actively works to create a sustainable environment and combat climate change. In his final Academy Award acceptance speech, he used his platform and voice to engage the audience and raise awareness of our planet's deteriorating ecology. People praise and admire such characters because of these behaviours.

Courtesy- Kate Middleton

Being polite is another fundamental but essential ability. It includes having good manners and being polite. Humans require thanks and recognition for their efforts. A simple smile and consideration for others can make a big difference. 

Despite having a position of authority, it is crucial to lead others without leaving a wrong impression. Due to the distinct cultures present in our environment, it has become increasingly regular for people to be isolated and to themselves. 

However, nations like Japan, India, and others have their foundations in multicultural societies that value these abilities and have a strong history in them. Because we share the same environment, it is only polite to be courteous to others. The same country and territory belong to both rich and poor people. People ought to approach others with humility and embrace them. 

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, instils and expresses this talent beautifully. Courtesy is, without a doubt, one of the soft critical skills people worldwide may acquire from famous people. She treats strangers respectfully while out and about with her group, which is admirable. 

Her public and private appearances consistently exude a warm and joyful attitude. It is necessary to practice being obliging by using phrases like "thank you" and "sorry." Such actions showcase your personality.

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