10 Best Vegan-Friendly Colleges in the World

You must be having a lot of trouble deciding where to eat outside if you are a vegan. 

Many restaurants provide a vertical menu for such consumers since vegan culture is getting more and more well-known worldwide. 

It becomes challenging for people studying abroad to find suitable eating establishments. 

But what if we provided you with a global list of colleges that accept vegan students? Your college experience will be resolved by it.

Here is a list of the 10 Best vegan-friendly universities around the world!

New York University

Regarding the variety of vegan food available, it is one of the most reputable universities. Both on-campus and off-campus dining options are popular among students. Every time, vegan meals are served in the dining hall with non-dairy milk options. The food products are identified as vegan. To encourage veganism on campus, the dining hall has transformed into a "vegan only" dining hall.

University of Massachusetts Amherst

This university is listed as having the best campus food. The pupils can choose from a vast selection of vegetarian and nutritious options. Every meal is served with soy milk, salad, and other vegetarian options in every dining hall. The Earth Foods Cafe and the People's Market on campus serve vegetarian food. It is one of the best.

St. John’s University

St. John's University's campuses in Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan offer its students a wide variety of delicious cuisine options. The university staff promotes plant-forward cuisine, meals are prepared with no antibiotics or chemicals, and ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably to give vegetarian and vegan students year-round options. In addition to serving nutritious cuisine, St. John's also has a Registered Dietician on staff named Lauren Marino, who works with students to design balanced diets that suit their needs.

Fordham University

Only sometimes, Fordham University belonged on this list. Vegetarians and vegans used to be concerned about how they would survive the day here. Fordham, however, paid attention to its pupils, and since then, they have improved. There are now many vegan options accessible on campus, and they participate in the Meatless Mondays campaign, which encourages restaurants to create all of their dishes without using any meat in one day. Fordham's decision to make such a turnaround to accommodate its vegan students thrilled us, and we're honored to include it on this list!

Southern Illinois University

The food served at this university sets it apart. At each mealtime, it makes sure to fill one vegetarian meal and one vegan meal. Daily meals include veggie fajitas, orange fennel rice, vegan stuffed peppers, and curried tofu with peanuts. 

Boston University

Boston University is one name to remember when it comes to providing the tastiest dinner on campus; They deliver uncompromised-tasting vegan and vegetarian meals. The menu has more than 85% vegan-friendly options. It offers vegan pancakes, vegan pizza, and other wholesome cuisine options. They provide more food than this.

University of Duke

Duke University is the next school on the list of vegan-friendly universities. Every day, it ensures that the pupils have healthy vegetarian and vegan food options. The institution serves some of the best vegan foods, including dumplings, chana masala, vegan grilled cheese, apple and fennel salad, and lentil stew. There are several vegan options on the lengthy list.

University of Yale

Along with being renowned for its academic prowess, this university is a pioneer in offering vegan food to students in 20 dining halls, on-campus eateries, local cafés, and other eateries. The institution connects to the neighborhood market for farm products, supplying campus chefs with fresh food.

Stanford University

This institution doesn't make any concessions regarding providing top-notch education and supplying the healthiest meals. Anytime you are hungry, it offers vegetarian food alternatives for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Around 50% of the menu items are vegan, and more than 80% are vegetarian. It is also one of the finest colleges for vegans. The pupils' favorite food options include beans, nuts, seed products, soy, lentils, and other similar foods.

Northwestern University

The food served here is unsurpassed in terms of quality and nutritional value. Numerous groups that support vegan foods have acknowledged it. The daily vegetarian meal offered is a favorite among students. Its menu includes French tofu toast, mashed potatoes, jasmine rice, and others.

Cornell University

Cornell University Corner has received an A from Peta2 for its vegan-friendly dining options. At least one vegan dish is available in the Cornell cafeteria at every meal. Vegan labeling provides non-dairy milk. Desserts are vegans served there. The student advisory board has a weak member who encourages the distribution of such food and participates in meatless Mondays.

St. Louis' Washington University

Washington University in St. Louis partners with Bon Appetit to hold its food items to the highest standards and is devoted to providing vegan and vegetarian options for students. Extra precautions are taken to guarantee that all of the food served at Washington University in St. Louis is prepared using premium, seasonal ingredients. All its animal products are hormone- and antibiotic-free to avoid animal cruelty and subpar food.

Tufts University

It's challenging to ignore vegetarians when a fifth of your student body is. It gives us great pleasure to report that Tufts University has gone above and beyond to ensure its students can access delectable vegan goods. They are ranked highly on our list because they offer a wealth of information via Food Fact Cards on their vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, and allergy-inducing items in their dining halls. On campus, a Registered Dietician also provides vegan alternatives for several popular non-vegan goods, including plant-based mayonnaise and vegan cheese.

The City University of New York

Students at CUNY and NYU are fortunate to access various vegan restaurants off-campus. Since everything in New York is within walking distance of each other, their options are virtually unlimited. On-campus dining options include fresh potato casserole, roasted sweet potatoes and cranberries, broccoli, pesto tomato fusilli, and more. The City University of New York comes in at number two on our list because of its commitment to vegan dining options and the enormous volume of vegan food available off-campus.

Emory University

They have an all-vegan food station, vegan options in each dining hall, vegan pastries at the Dobbs Market, a weekly vegan farmer's market on campus, plant-based equivalents for items like mayonnaise, and the list goes on. When students run out of the (exhaustive) options offered on campus, they can try one of the many vegan and vegetarian eateries in the neighborhood that Emory provides, just like all of our other top finalists.

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